There are two methodology that the higher Education system is structured. One is the Theoretical class, which keep happening all the semester and throughout the course. You have different subjects, and some again are more theory and some combination of theory and practical. But, never the less, these are teaching work, and more over confined to class room setting. Expect few branded business school, more schools stress on class room mode of teaching students in their courses.

Another mode of getting to know the subject and the exposure is through Internship. Most courses in Higher Education includes a Project- Minor or Major, to be undertaken, and this by necessarily selecting and working towards the project by undertaking at an Organisation. And an well done Internship will lead to final placement and best employment. How than the students should structure their internship and what makes it the way it has to be done.
Be in Time. Well organised student need to keep an eye on the time management. Give more by always being in time, and don't ever slip late to either for the arrival, in meeting or hurry to catch up back to home. Show that passion reflected in doing more than the time schedule given to you. Don't also ask for excuse from work, for reasons which are not professional. Don't ever use the internship time for personal work or personal assignment. Don't ask for any excuse from work and apply for holiday.
Take Extra time, without being told or asked. Any thing that you do extra and bring value during the internship period will catch the attention of the higher ups. Take extra assignment and show up the work in time. Apart from your project that you are suppose to do for your internship, take extra projects and be the first one to take if others reject or not show interest. This will get you extra respect and also that appreciation. And, yes, this will give you that confidence and get cooperation for all. The more the cooperation, the better is the experience and work in time completion.
Show excellence in each work. It is not just the work one takes during the internship, but excellence matters. All that you need to do is, be at best and don't ever feel that, jobs need less or more attention. Each job/work is has value towards the organisation, hence focus on excellence in execution of each and every work, per se. Excellence is reflected in the outcome of the work assigned to you, and on the scale of 10, anything between 8.5 to 10, should be targeted.
Be helping hand and resourceful. Keep well informed and updated. This helps you to connect with other colleges/executives in the organisation, and be resourceful for others. Seek for help and render help. Apart from your area of internship work, research for other related areas which the organisation competency is into. Try having some concrete solutions for the issues discussed. If there is learning centre, visit and keep updated. And, yes, once asked, depending on the advise needed by you, go ahead. Don't be too fast nor fall short of showing your professional knowledge.
Ask Good relevant Questions. Don't miss any debate, discussion, if you are permitted to attend. Needless to say, listen carefully, so that, you are prepared to ask better and apt questions during the discussion. One-two question in each meeting, with carefully thought insight into the issue, should be the way. Try to show intellectually curious and diligent individual, which sounds to all, your professionalism. If your questions need additional time, ask for some more time after the meeting,and make it a point to meet and discuss it. Build relationship with all and show how you mean business when you participate in all the forum and meetings.

A well planned and grounded internship, well designed and professionally formatted work, is the route for full time assignment with the organisation. Your insights day-in day-out, your solutions for the issues, your participation during meetings and discussion and your professional approach, is what organisation executives observe, apart from the required project that you need to do for business school submission. The quality and value you get for the organisation during internship, decides the quantum of offer and package you are offered.
Dr. M M Bagali, PhD
Director,Centre for Research in Human Resources and Higher Education