Your First Job: Script the CV to get the best Offer
There are 2 pain points for the students, who are fresh and coming out of the college and looking for job. The first pain point is what type of job I need to apply as I start the first job, because all other jobs later depend on how I started. The second pain point is crafting the CV. The CV, which tells most of the person, is the first impression the Company develops, and this impression depends on how I have scripted the information. Than, how can I make the winning CV, leading towards the dream job. Let’s put best 5 points must in the CV

Career Goal Statement: Let’s put all the goals that you are planning and why is that your goals matter to the company and you. Career statement defines the personality you posses, and the idea that you have about yourself and how these ideas benefit the organisation. It also tells how you shape your future and what is that you are looking for in you to contribute to the organisation and how that organisation matches your goals. Write a true statement which you belief and you want to go forward. And, yes, your statement should be in line with your background and Qualification. Skills and Competency: Companies see what the candidate possess and do those skills match the required job roles. As you have developed skills and competency over a period of time, draw a list to Core Skills and Supporting skills that you have, and script how these skills are part of your Performance areas. The strong skills you have project them first, followed by secondary and supporting. Companies match the roles-JD and those of the skills candidate possesses and make a dashboard of outcome that the candidate contribution to the organisation.
College and School Life: Companies are interested to know the quality of life that you have spent and how was the experience, in return, how you can bring that experience to the table. All those experience in terms of leadership, Quiz, Debate, Out bound activity participation, et al, need to put to project the other experience that you had, and how that will come handy during the role that you take up for the organisation. Companies are impressed with the rich experience you had during your student days and this in relation, how can you contribute back, per se. Projects and Hands on Experience: Apart from the mandatory requirement of projects, what other projects and hands on experience you had and what was the contribution done. Now that each job in then organisation is like a project one needs to take, and finish, the same is reflected in how many projects have you executed, and what was your methodology. This unique methodology that you adopted should be reflected, so that, the organisation gets a feel of how you may take up the responsibility in the ays to come. Achievement and Prizes: Organisation wants an winning person and they want some one is smart, cut above all the individuals and has made some mark in the field, through getting prizes and medals. These medals and prized reflect the persons contribution apart from the academic achievements. Each such prizes and achievements can be explained in brief what it was and why was such honour given, per se. Take some time, design the CV and mention all that makes the impression and click that Dream Job….. Yes, don't miss to have an governing letter while communicating the CV to the organisation. Dr. M M Bagali, PhD,
Centre for Research in Human Resources and Higher Education,