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    “Women Literacy and Empowerment: A Review”: Prof.(Dr.)M. K.Vajpayee, Vice Chancellor, Capital University, Jharkhand

    Education is most important for overall development of a country. With regard to the health and social awareness, education plays a vital role. In our Indian culture generally women manage the...

    Why the Millennials have taken to Greta Thunberg? Sunila Athley, Principal,Amity International School,Ghaziabad

    The simple answer to the question above is that the young 17 year old pig-tailed Swedish girl backed her words with action.  A blank facial expression coupled with ferocity in eyes and...

    Initiative Leaders and Their Role in Organizations and Societies: Dr. Nalla Bala Kalyan, Associate...

    This accommodating investigation scrutinizes the idea of administration as verifiable over the most recent 75 years and seeks the new thousand years for a reproduced comprehension of authority in the post-industrial...

    Quality System in Educational Sector: MBA- Dr S Subhashini, Director-Bspine-SNS Institutions, Coimbatore

    In the education sector, there are various certifications, accreditation, and awards available that recognize different quality systems. Some of them are at national level and others are available at international level....

    ​Learning and Pedagogy in Indian Higher Education.

    Pedagogy is the key to effective learning in higher education. In India, the teaching methodology varies from one education institution to another. A well-designed innovative pedagogy in higher education would enhance...

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