Interview….. The moment you think of this word, doldrums keep running in the stomach. Why are we scared of facing the interview? There are several reasons- not sure, what are they going to ask; the panel is too smart; the wrong-right answers decide my destiny, and so on. The best solution to face the interview is- prepare-prepare and prepare. You are not sure, what lies on that, the questions asked, but few things can be well prepared, and possibly are sure the panel asks. These questions present opportunities for you to demonstrate self-awareness and reveal your values and passions. There will be three categories of questions one need to prepare: past experiences, present attributes, and future goals.

  1. Reason you are here: The panel wants to know, why have you applied for the post and why this organization. The reason could be several, but try to have 3-4 Professional reason, why you have applied, and give some example if you are with the company, what value/ outcome you may give back to the organization. When you have considered this particular organization, speak of the organization brand, contribution to the society and how you can be part of a team, per se.  Bring in the organization Mission and vision statement and tell how you look at this and what skills and competency you possess and can be of contribution at this point of time. 
  2. Why the Organization to hire you: Any interview needs some sort of home work and knowing of the organization beforehand. The achievements, contribution that you have done in the past jobs, should be well crafted to tell why the company should hire you.  Focus on the contribution that you have done in previous job, how the company was gained by that work, and how you affected the bottom line of profits of the company. Direct your response towards your background education, experience and exposure, and how that will be further used in the present organization. Also, the varied experience and skills and job-know-how you have and how that will be put to use in present organization, define this in well crafted response, in what ever given time to answer this question. 
  3. Attitude towards work: Personality speaks in the interview. What have you styled your work culture, will tell what type of person the company is hiring and the fit between the organization culture and the person matters. Every organization has its own culture- be it the people, the workplace and the working, per se. When asked about this question, define how you have a work style and how that can contribute to the organization. And also, bring 2-3 examples of your pervious job, and with numbers, justify the attitude you have and how it had positive outcome. Moreover, the organization wants the person with strong positive attitude, out-of-box thinking and big picture approach.  Define this with examples and give the panel of expert how you will be the RIGHT person to be hired. Don’t also forget to tell few of your week points but also make it smart to the extent that, how your week point also are part of success story. 
  4. Leadership and Team work: While organization wants the person to be with team, since most of the assignment in the company require having that team working and working wih varied cultuire-people, demonstrating your work style reflecting team and leadership responsibility. How has it been to take up the ownership and lead the team? Bring 2-3 example of this, and how was the experience. Don’t also forget to tell the challenges faced, and still going ahead. Assertiveness, leadership, working with people, managing and also following the team matters, and this is what the panel wishes to listen from you the experience you had. 
  5. Do you have any question to ask?: Take this time an oppournity to ask the panel better questions- 1. Does the company send me for training, for further skills; 2. Do I get an oppournity to meet the Top Management; 3. Can I represent the company in different Professional Association and meetings; and the like? Don’t miss this section, if asked. Show your eagerness of further learning, and how you look forward for this. Also, look at how Performance is evaluated; CSR activity and any community work that the organization is engaged and how you can be part of it. 

A well prepared Interview will land with best offer. Avoid In the first instance to ask about holiday, leave, late coming and early going oppournity, and the salary date payments. Let the body language be positive and forward looking. Show the eagerness of how and what areas are you strong and how you can contribute for the organization, per se. While answering the questions, it is important to include tangible and also intangible examples from your past and present, in order to convey that your future goals and action are not only logical and well-thought out but also achievable. Remember, you should be excited about you being there and they should be exited to make you part of the organization.

Dr MM Bagali, PhD

Director and Professor, Centre for Human Resources and Higher Education, Bangalore

APO Alumni of India, 2018-2021


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