Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”                                                                             – MALCOM X

NIRF Rankings 2019:  KL University bagged three ranks in different categories at the National Institutional Ranking Framework: 

  • Highest among all the engineering institutions in AP.
  • 50th Rank in Universities Category.
  • 52nd Rank in Engineering Category.
  • 58th Rank in Management Category.

Being one of the best private deemed to be Universities in India, augmenting its academic   pursuits beyond boundaries, K L Deemed to be University is certainly the best at infusing a globally reckoned pedagogy rooted in traditional belief-system that acts as an impetus in the holistic development of its students. This certainty which is being expounded here has not been reached in a day or two. To put everything into perspective, we should be looking into the rich legacy which it proudly owns.

To look into this very rich legacy, if we try to speculate with enough reason, what might have instigated the great visionary mind to come up with such gigantic idea to furnish a private engineering college in the first place, when the much needed and the aspirants are leaving to the neighbouring states to pursue their studies? and it boils down to one central theme: A prudent answer to the call given by the paragon of Indian Monks, which becomes pretty much evident when you come across, in your visit to K L U Vijayawada campus, in the central hall of the main building a big portrait of SWAMI VIVEKANANDA where the call is: “Give me 100 skilled men who are worthy of themselves, and I will change the future of the  country” and the answer is the inception of KLEF.

With four decades of excellence, K L E F has to offer its students a global-learning experience by providing significant, adequate, and accessible education to foster their careers with relevant skills. K L E F creates a dynamic space in all fields of engineering, management, law, pharmacy, architecture, fine arts, and media studies to promote an outstanding research and innovative learning that coheres with its mission:

“To impart quality higher education and to undertake research and extension with emphasis on application and innovation that cater to the emerging societal needs through all-round development of students of all sections enabling them to be globally competitive and socially responsible citizens with intrinsic values”.

As a testimony, apart from other prestigious ranks and accreditations, of this passionate journey with a vision To be a globally renowned university, the university has been awarded A++ by NAAC, an autonomous Institution of UGC under MHRD, Govt. of India, in the year 2018 with a CGPA of 3.57/4 the highest amongst private Deemed to be Universities in India.

A   L E G A C Y:

The Koneru Lakshmaiah Charities was established as a trust in the year 1980 and started K L College of Engineering in the Academic year 1980-81, to be the first ever private engineering college in Andhra Pradesh. Later, the trust was converted into a Society by the name Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation in the year 1996. The K L College of Engineering has attained autonomous status in the year 2006 and in February 2009, the Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation Society was recognized as Deemed to be University. In short Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation is named as K L (Deemed to be) University.

Sri Koneru Lakshmaiah, an Industrialist and an Educationist, was the visionary Master Mind behind the emergence of Private Engineering Colleges in Andhra Pradesh. His foresight and pioneering efforts have resulted in high-end technical education to pervade in all corners of the twin States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana today. The Institution inherits his spirit of leadership in its quest to attain epitomic excellence.

Shri Koneru Lakshmaiah was the first who turned the dreams of aspiring engineers of his time into reality by creating a global environment with an infrastructure well suited to meet international standards. He always believed that fruits of education should serve the cultural and economic aspects of the society. This legacy has since then been successfully carried away by Co-founder and Chairman of K L E F Shri Koneru Satyanarayana to this day with his inherited spirits from his father.

C A M P U S E S:

HYDERABAD: K L H, an integrated world-class 90-acre campus, is being constructed in the centre of education hub at Bachupally Hyderabad, the Capital city of Start-up State Telangana. Hyderabad is the fourth largest populous metropolitan city and fifth most productive metro area of India. Designed by Woods Bagot, the campus is being built to be a benchmark in global education standards. The current campus is located near TSPA Junction on Chilkur Road, Hyderabad.

VIJAYAWADA: K L Deemed to be University is situated on the banks of Buckingham Canal of river Krishna, eight kilometres from Vijayawada city in the Sunrise State of Andhra Pradesh in India. 100 acres of aesthetically all-pervasive greenery with all modern amenities do reflect high definitions and ensure a perfect environment in overall development of a student. The campus ambience is most befitting for scholastic pursuits. The University has been situated on a built-up area of around 2.5 Million Sft.

The world has become a bigger place of opportunities when Globalization has transformed Humanity with Digitization. Besides a traditional classroom environment, the implementation of curriculum is based entirely on digitization Mobile learning Virtual classroom that gives enough space and freedom for active-learning to break boundaries between classroom and the outside world. We foster students with programs imbibed with academic flexibility by means of choice-based credit systems. We go further to incorporate into the curriculum the application orientation to design, introduce, and implement educational system for outcome based international models. In doing so, we offer academic programs at UG, UG, doctoral, Post-Doctoral which are industries focused, and incorporates trans-discipline, inter-discipline aspects of the education system that includes technologies and meet the global requirements.

R E S E A R C H:

Research at K L is of paramount importance and the 2000+ Active Researchers with 7000+ Research Publications & 50+ Patents, Rs. 40+ Crores of Govt. Funded Research, 40+ Research Centres and 40+ Faculty with Govt. of India Research Awards (including a Presidential Award) are testimonies to the emphasis on research on par to teaching.

For this, we have established centres of excellence in frontiers of research, design, and innovation to create an ambience that is conducive to undertake sponsored research, internal funding and offer consultancy services to a wide spectrum of originations to maintain higher standards in achieving research outcomes. Also, we generate means and avenues for carrying out International conferences, seminars, and Workshops in collaboration with professional bodies to create avenues for research exchange. And above all, an environment to innovate and incubate the products and services that address the societal requirements remains as one of our goals as an ‘a priori’.

S K I L L:

The purpose of education is all about preparing students towards employment. Skill-based learning drives the competencies in students to stay in good stead with day to day advancements. Skilling is adding a dimension to the student’s repertoire. At K L, we skill students in AI & ML, IoT, Big Data & Analytics, Cyber Security & Forensics, Applied Signal Processing, Autotronics, Robotics, and a host of other streams in collaboration with NSDC and leaders in the Industry.

Moving away from the conventional patterns of teaching and learning, the world today is witnessing a paradigmatic shift in the way teachers are teaching and students are assimilating information. This change in educational patterns is all set to open new avenues to a modern school of thought.

The future is all about strengthening and incorporating student-centric learning. Active participation and exchange of information through social media has set the world as one stage where students from one corner of the globe can effortlessly reach out their peers onto the other corner.

K L University diligently acknowledges the advents of modern education that has surpassed the geographical boundaries. Collaborations have become powerful tools for sharing and connecting with others from one side of the world to the other. As a result, we have been successful in ensuring that students have global exposure to these swiftly changing conventions of modern education. 

In this regard, we promote and maintain the state-of-the-art facilities in delivering academic, research, and extra-curricular facilities that incubates a congenial and eco-friendly campus. Our modern infrastructure, hence, addresses in-time global needs through generation of funds generated from industry, government, and research organizations.

At K L University, academics have been targeted to meet industry centric competencies. In achieving this, we have incorporated Industry integrated curriculum like project-based learning, flipped classrooms, Lab taken to class, full semester practice school, internships abroad. 
To embark in transforming its students into entrepreneurs is what truly makes K L Deemed to be University to stand as an archetype of education with a commitment so prudent in “Shaping the Complete Student”.


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