Medi-Caps University is a brand name today in the field of education in the central region of the nation. The university has a mission to produce conceptually sound, practically oriented, value-driven and well-groomed technocrats and professionals. We perceive that the students graduating from the University should be market-ready. For this, they undergo a well-designed training program. To achieve this, the syllabus is designed in such a manner that the students get exposed to the latest trends in the market; collaborated with best-practice sessions, in the highly equipped labs.

Syllabus is just one area, to turn a student into a complete package, various other trainings are also held. The students are groomed to the core, their language skills, appearance, presentation techniques, all are kept in mind while doing this.

To meet the cutting edge of the times, the students are trained right from the beginning for research work. To meet this requirement, they are taught by the best of the faculties. Research work thus becomes inevitable – for teachers as well as students. Various workshops, FDPs, seminars are organized where the intellectuals can brainstorm on the latest techniques. Various programmes – both technical and cultural, are regularly organized so that the students can get practical training for planning and execution. Further, we expect to have collaborative programs with foreign and Indian universities and institution and various MNCs to provide a global exposure to the students.

There are more than 1000 computer systems in the campus. These are well connected to the internet with a speed of 100 MBPS through wired and wireless connectivity. The library at the University campus is amongst the best in the Central India. With over one lakh books and 240 national and international journals, the place is congenial for study. The library is connected with DELNET making it easier and faster for the readers. The library also has a membership of ACM and National Digital Library providing wide variety to the users.

The campus spans across 53 acres of land. With sprawling lawns and lush green, the beauty of the campus simple mesmerizes everybody. There are open areas used efficiently for various sports activities such as basket ball, cricket, football, etc., along with indoor sports like table tennis, carom, chess, etc. The campus also carries a separate gymnasium keeping fitness in mind.Medi-Caps has attained a special name in the field of education since the year 2000. Together, we are committed to transform raw hands into intellectuals by injecting fundamentals with concepts and skills to enable them to face the technology of tomorrow. We feel bound to return back to the society by creating professionals at their best, who can help the nation to move at the faster pace. Our vision is to develop a technical and professional University for carrying out educational and research work of excellent nature; to generate high class technocrats and professionals for the benefit of the society at large. We keep moving to achieve our goals.


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