In the current disruptive scenario being faced by the academic world, it has become critical to develop a bridge between industry and academia. Academic institutions are developing many innovative teaching pedagogies along with strong industry connect to minimize the gap between what the industry expects and what institutions teach. For developing sustainability in higher education and identifying the pioneers in setting benchmarks in the management education, the credibility can be defined through the nationwide ranking that are bestowed by autonomous bodies. The main objective of providing Educational Institutions with Rankings is to first award the institutes that are setting benchmarks in the field of education through their curriculum and delivery. Secondly it is also to help the various stakeholder like students, corporate and government to take the right decision while associating themselves with a particular institute. It is a universally known fact that students always find it difficult to decide which university/college/institute and course to take admission in so that they are in the right hands that will help them develop to their maximum potential. Thus rankings given by autonomous bodies are based on very relevant and stringent parameters for overall evaluation of the institutions that can be trusted.

Selection of the right institution is very critical for the student community both for learning and future growth opportunities. In the wake of having similar level of information available for all the institutes from the offline and online sources, rankings provided by reputed bodies provide a frame of reference to the students to trust and enhance their decision making for the final selection to be made. It is universally accepted that students while choosing and finalizing upon the educational institution to join evaluate many parameters like placements, faculty, infrastructure, course curriculum, learning opportunities, industry connect,  summer internship opportunities as the key factors in the final decision. This fact cannot be neglected that the student community is seeking to take admission in the best institute according to their evaluation. Hence rankings and ratings on certain critical factors are helpful to the students and also their parents to make a wise decision. Moreover, in the wake of plethora of choices available in the country scattered across various regions, students find this filtration process very simple and convenient rather than searching on their own. It also eliminates the possibility of high risk taking by taking informed decision.


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