It is a well-known fact among teaching fraternity that the most inspiring chore is to fascinate and retain a student’s responsiveness and deliver the meaning in an effective manner. Their crucial objective is to ensure their accepted wisdom is methodically clarified to the students. Their purpose is to impart each and every unit or module in such a tactic that it crafts a long-lasting impression on their minds. And it is obvious that the success of an inspiring teacher is completely depended on his or uncompromised preparation and quality delivery. One more vital facet that encounters teachers is how to uninterruptedly scrunch the attention of the student throughout a classroom session. We teachers have to put more efforts in creating teaching–learning –teaching process an exciting, appealing, and valuable involvement.

Encourage Out of the Box thinking

To create an interesting class room delivery, begin your session with any anecdote of your own experience and expect solutions from students and the whether the answers from students are relevant or irrelevant don’t hesitate to welcome them and then provide the best solutions from your end. In order to do so, you ought to adopt out-of-the-box teaching–learning strategies. This could not only make classroom sessions more interesting and but also construct an encouraging setting of teacher–student interaction.

Inno – Creativity works better in Classroom

Teachers must always aim at cultivating the creative crosswise of the students by designing meaningful and productive special classroom activities pertaining to the program. It has been advised to apply numerous tools to excite students’ creative learning. Quizzes games, video cases, dancercises, power point presentations, images, and might enhance students’ observances and entice their interest. Teachers must take more time in recognizing every student’s original aptitudes and reassure innovative influences. Incorporating Inno- Creative ideas in every subject they teach and providing students the liberty to reconnoiter can work miracles.

Effective Use of Audio–Video Teaching Aid.

Imagine that you are introducing the subject “corporate culture, Watch the movie “Corporate” with your students in an LCD fitted class rooms. Do not hesitate to watch the movie with your students. After the movie you try to link your curriculum. Now days it has become quintessential to supplement the text book content by conducting audio –visual sessions in the class rooms. Please make use of different learning tools like graphics, graphs, pictures, models etc. to flourish the students’ mind’s eye. These tools and techniques might be of immense help in boosting their abilities to concentrate and understand the concepts better. It is interesting to note that Tech-savvy teachers may also make use of a number of smart applications for students that could make the classroom teaching highly interesting and a great learning experience.

Let us connect the real world.

In our institute we have the best practice of providing a newspaper (Subscription) to every student and make them to study in leisure hours and they are instructed to give presentation once or twice in a week on any burning or current topic. This method has really worked. Many employers also those who came for placements were astonished and felt happy about knowing the students ‘general and market awareness. So a request has been made herewith to infuse real- life cases and current examples. Please enter your class with an interesting story of every day’s news paper and connect to the subject matter with the same, this method might make the learning easy. Moreover, it will spur curiosity among the students and will make them remain enthusiastic and involved in the classroom till the end of the session.

Group Discussions and Mock Meetings.

Having knowledge or information about the topic of discussion and the ability to discuss it in a logical manner requires the skills of framing, analysis, and augmentation. An in – depth of knowledge of the issue under discussion and the ability to analyze the issue is expected from students. This can be achieved through conducting brainstorming sessions. It may also broaden the possibility of generating novel ideas. When a group of students deliberate and exert together on a given idea, many notions might come into picture. It might also actively embroil everyone and facilitate platform for healthy discussion. So conduct group discussions and mock meetings to carry out the purpose.

A short excursion can make a huge difference.

Educational Excellence cannot be achieved within a confinement of the boundaries of the class. Sometimes we need to step aside the classrooms to enhance the learning skills of the students. A small industry trip facilitating the absorption of firsthand information of any manufacturing or service unit, Visiting IIM Classes, Bench marking the best practices of established organizations will definitely result in an expected way.

Use Role Play and Vestibule.

Role play is a method of human interaction that involves realistic behavior in imaginary situations. This method of teaching strategy involves action, doing, and practice. Teachers may go for making their classes more productive by organizing role play sessions. It will be of immense help in nurturing interpersonal talent. Role playing might make students in realizing how they will implement classroom education in their everyday lives. This method can be tailored and is appropriate to almost every age group.

In vestibule method, actual work conditions are simulated in a class room. Materials, files and equipment –those that are used in actual job performance are also used in the training. This type of learning pedagogy is commonly used for training personnel for clerical and semi-skilled jobs. Duration of this training ranges from few days to few weeks.

Keep your mind open to novel ideas

Leading-edge mentality tied with an open-minded attitude will facilitate teachers to introduce novel actions and techniques in the classrooms. Most of the teachers can initially find it challenging to espouse out-of-the-box teaching methods, as resisting change as a part of human nature. But, with continuous practice and a progressive attitude, teachers can integrate innovation in their pedagogies.


Dr. Giri Yaralakattimath,

Founder -Director, Center for Nurturing Human Capital

Assistant Professor, Department of MBA

Siddaganga Institute of Technology,

Tumakuru -572101, Karnataka, India.

Email: , Mobile: 9663081501


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