The Institute :
Department of Management Studies (MBA) was established in September 2009 under Sandip Foundation’s Sandip Institute of Technology & Research Centre, Nashik. Since its inception, it has successfully expanded itself and grown in terms of multiple parameters. Winner of various awards and rankings the institute has risen to be a benchmark for academic excellence and best practices. The Department has received many accolades from various National and International organizations, some of the notable recognition received are the Devang Mehta Best B-School Award in the year 2012. National Education Leadership Awards from ET NOW in the year 2013, BERG Awards for Education, Singapore. Additionally, the institute is very highly rated by many of the best rating agencies of India as it was ranked 92nd amongst B-school and Management Institutes in India and the Best institute in North Maharashtra Region in 2011 by Silicon India. The institute was also rated among the top 100 B Schools of India by The Week.

Strategy & System:
The institute has been able to achieve excellence in all concerned domains, by adopting unique pedagogy and course delivery methodology, sets itself apart from other institutes and has become a benchmark for other institute to follow. The institute has developed core competencies and practices that set it apart from others institutes. Some of the unique practices are a)Self-Developed Case Studies b)Activity Based Learning c)Project Based Learning  e)Industry- Institute Association f)Association with Professional Bodies in addition to Traditional Teaching- Learning Methodology.

Self-Developed Case Studies: Self-Developed Case Studies are case studies developed by students. The institute has not only adopted case study methodology as one of the Teaching-Learning methodologies but has gone a step further by writing its case studies developed, written, edited and published by students.

Activity-Based Learning: Various students driven activities are organized by the Department such as UDAAN- National Level Management Fest, OJT, CSR, Cricket League and the Battlefield. All these activities help students in developing their skills, competence and prepare them to take on the challenges of the business world. However, the Battlefield has been an activity that has been particularly very successful in terms of the learning & the response of the students. Hence it has been adopted as a unique teaching pedagogy by the Department of Management Studies.

The battlefield pedagogy is based on the experiential learning model proposed by Kolb’s that focuses on learners reflecting on their experience of doing something, in order to gain conceptual insight and practical expertise. The Battle field model focuses on imbibing learning’s on life lessons, soft skills, theoretical knowledge, creativity, competition, presentation, sales and marketing skills that lay a foundation for a bright future of Management students.

Open Pedagogy: The institute has developed a core competence in teaching complex concepts and theories through innovative and creative methods. 

Structure & Staff: 
The Department of Management Studies is a blend of experience and expertise, headed by one of the ablest and experienced Management Professional. The team comprises of expertise & experience from various domains of management like Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Operations, Industry Relations, General Management, Research & Entrepreneurship Development. The team is well-balanced and adds huge value to the organization and is committed to the cause of enhancing skills, attitude & knowledge of the students. 

The organization strives to be a Centre of Distinction in Management Education contributing to the enhancement of learning and research. Institute inculcates a culture of developing strategic alliances with industries & academia to develop business acumen, skills, aptitude and attitude of the students resulting in the industry ready, socially prudent professionals & entrepreneurs.


The vision inspires action and drives the objectives of the institute. Department of Management Studies within a short time carved a name for itself in the minds of the stakeholders. The students look at Sandip’s MBA Program for several reasons, where learning is fun. At the same time, they get the opportunity to be responsible for various projects & events. An Institute assures them an internship in a good organization and placement in some of the renowned Organizations of India. Hence the Institute has earned great respect and appreciation for itself in the minds of students. The parents look at the institute as a reliable and sound institute that takes its job very seriously and is committed to the cause of bringing out the best in their wards, providing them with opportunities to expand their horizon beyond their wildest dreams. The Corporate look at Sandip Foundation as one of the most trustworthy sources of quality managers that is competent to perform the critical tasks and duties without much hassle. They are rest assured of the Knowledge, Skills and Ability of the students, most importantly the Sandip Attitude that is imbibed into the student of never giving up, taking up the responsibility and a character of integrity that sets them apart. The corporate world not only is looking forward to recruiting students for final placement but eagerly extend their hand for summer internship projects.Department of Management Studies believes in the Strategy of being an innovative & student participative learning process which driven by Open Structure & Staff Empowerment. That leads to success in terms of satisfying the aspiration of the student, desire of parents & needs of the Industry.

Prof. (Dr.)Rakesh Patil

Prof. (Dr.)Rakesh Patil
Professor & Head-MBA
Sandip Foundation’s,Sandip Institute of Technology & Research Centre,
Nashik-422213 (Maharashtra)-India


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