Work is modern day world is everything. It is hard to imagine a world without work for most people. It governs and pervades daily life still everyone welcomed “Bharat Bandh” A LOCKDOWN to safeguard ourselves from Coronavirus called by our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

“You can find me somewhere in between inspiring others, working on myself, dodging negativity, and slaying my goals.” – Quote in Pintrest

Dr. Nikhath M Hamza

Women has much larger picture than this. Working women has to play role of wife, mother, daughter-in-law then leader, entrepreneur. The role of women is very vital whether she is working or housewife, she is the greatest supporter of her family, she is responsible to nurture her children’s so that they become better human beings, reaching success, and at the same time managing work-life balance is like a beautiful chair with the throne.

Women are doing the equally responsible and challenging job like men do, to earn bread and butter. The woman, working is still facing unique challenges, unique because all of them are not logical and somehow, they are just because of inherited social taboo in all living race on this planet.  

Working Woman in India has a very different and more challenging schedule as our society has clearly defined work for women and men. New economic equations are challenging the old definition and distribution of work and somehow the redistribution of work today is not done with the fresh idea of justice.

Patriarchy attitude has brought inequality in the value of work as work. Cooking, cleaning, rearing children are some of the work which is considered as woman’s work in India. It is the toughest test of the patient, ability, energy and her managerial skills at home as well as on the job. On the job or off the job, both the places are like a battlefield for her but still, she is unstoppable “No Complains” “No Demand” “No questions asked”

I was also trying to complete my pending tasks at home. Suddenly my daughter came to me seeking permission to go on the terrace, I asked her why? She was very excited and said that she would like to see how it looks when everyone is at home and there is no traffic on the road. I casually replied when we were young, the population was small, vehicles were limited and every afternoon the city uses to look like this. She started taking interest my talks she wanted to know more about my childhood, slowly after spending the entire two days with my family I realized God has given us a magnificent opportunity to be with our  family, he wants us to realize the importance of lives he has given us. He wants to make us realized that relations are more important than gadgets.

In this busy schedule,  we have almost ruined our social life and relationships, we hardly get any time to know and listen to each other, gone are those days when the whole family use to enjoy their food at one time on the shared table, where every single instant of the day was discussed with the family. In today’s scenario many times we are not there when our family, children’s needs us, we love them care for them, but due to lack of time, we are unable to express our feelings. we have almost stopped using words like “I love you”, “I care for you” and “I am always there for you”.

Today when we have time to articulate ourselves let’s forget the whole shebang who we are and just be a normal human being.

  1. Say “Sorry” to anyone you deliberately or involuntarily hurt
  2. Say to your loved once: “I love you” , Express your “love” for them
  3. Tell your kids you’ll always be there for them, listen to them and win their trust
  4. Ask them if they’re having any issues in their lives, teach them to solve any life question.
  5. Hold distance but still caress them
  6. Call all your nearby ones to tell them that you love them as they are part of your life.
  7. Remember all that is good or bad, laugh at your childhood mischief, share your childhood with your children, and correct your mistakes if you can, make them proud of you.

Remove our difference whether it’s family,friends, caste, religion whatever we are all united in this crisis — this is great in itself and show our unity.
Clap for the women in your life, because, she has made your world so beautiful and graceful, express her your love, understand her challenges, allow her to express her feelings listen to her.
Do everything which you have missed due to your busy schedule. Say “Love you Zindagi” and thank god for this beautiful creation called Human Beings.
Stay home, stay safe, Say thanks to all the Doctors, Nurses, workers those who are working selflessly for your safety.

Dr. Nikhat M Hamza
Director HR & Faculty Training
BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology,Chennai


  1. Very well picked up topic and it does have a relevance. It’s the time to rekindle your lost passion, try to call up friends, have a chat with your family.

    This catastrophe has given us opportunity to go back the times that we lost and the damage that we have done to our social life and the society.

  2. Well crafted article which inspires to embrace passion & also reveals that how less was more in old days. You poured your heart out in the description of a woman, incredible write up.


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