Universe has witnessed many disasters in the past. Few predicted, few forecasted by worldwide analysts & experts, Predictors, Forecasters, few crisis were certain in nature few uncertain but this ugly shape of global health disaster has completely shaken the thinkers and Humanity at large. Covid 19 taught us To See the unseen, To hear the unheard and To act the way that has never been enacted before in business and life . Post Covid 19 , the business  has to look for  new address  within its  limitations  and Limited Resources with much broader “will “to repair the Human , Economic , Operational and  Intellectual Losses at all levels – from Strategic to Ground . Decatastrophizing  as a cognitive restructuring technique in positive psychology (Mental preparedness  for worst to worst in life and business) will make businesses more challenging but progressive in nature . Higher consciousness can be attained by being more alert and proactive in tough situations like Covid19. The Rainbow visible after corona virus must be layered by all businesses across the globe through A to Z Learning Curve of COVID19 as a learning business Model. Let us define this with the never ending everlasting business strategies from A to Z   to benefit the future of business in the vested interest of all stake holders and also for the survival of Global Citizenship and Universe at large.

Avoid imbalance in Nature and Neighbor – Remember Natural disasters have no Nationality No religion whatever we do in business must be in harmony with nature and Neighbour .Be it a Business innovation or a scientific experiment or any biotic invention .It will affect everything integrated directly or indirectly.

Boldly handle the situation – As it may teach us some good life lessons like Businesses learnt to evolve as CSR Models effectively than Profitable money making models which in turn will revive their branding image post Covid 19 period.

Change the pace of the business as per the need of the hour – Channelize your energy from Divide and rule to unite and rule to make all recoveries at monetary and non-monetary level at the earliest.

Dr. Monika Suri

Define new restructuring Formula as a survival technique – Remember Sustainability will come later in business, firstly focus on survival of all stakeholders including employees and customers rest will follow.

Eliminate the errors evolved as business GAPS –Crisis always brings both challenges and opportunities .So it is a effective platform to see the business worth and identify GAPS which were not earlier visible or even identified . Fill GAPS for all future disasters of similar nature by strengthening the processes.

Find out and Examine what ever went right or wrong during crisis –Examination of all activities and processes should be a regular and continuous feature for all businesses .Crisis brings lot of restlessness for everyone thus one wrong step taken by any stake holder can prove to be dangerous for Business Reputation and employers reputation .So keep an eye and check on every action steps –They may Make Business Reputation or Destroy it completely.

Gaining Edge in monitory and non – monitory aspects of Business –The behavior of every business is truly tested during such disasters .Try to en-cash every action ethically starting from well being of employees to Corporate social responsibility events to gain competitive which will be remembered for  years and years to come to build very strong brand value till the brand sustains.

Healing emotions and relationships during and post disaster – Remember Core of every Business is not “BUSINESS”   BUT  “PEOPLE ”. Do not leave them alone during disaster or post disaster. Belongingness and Commitment is always mutual not one sided. So Take care of all stakeholders and relationships because Your NETWORK is your NET-WORTH.

Ideate, Innovate and Instigate –Innovation and Invention is the life line of every business. The power of disaster and crisis makes Business tougher and harder and also more creative at the same time .It gives a roadmap to every business to think differently with more preparedness, better forecasting and proactive future planning.

Justify actions with proper validations – Effective utilization of resources is demanded during any crisis to avoid any major losses. Even if business has to take hard steps in the best interest of all stake holders during crisis, be ready with proper justification and validations to avoid any Mis-understandings at any level.

Know your LBW while Crisis –Every Business must analyze its Limitations, Barriers & Weaknesses (LBW) on regular basis as a self -diagnosis Practice and keep back up plan ready to incur losses from any current or future disasters by overcoming all three of them. LBW in Cricket Ground or LBW in Business Field or battle field, all are very harmful and unhealthy and will bring losses. Be awake and be alert.

Limit unreasonable desires to prove your Business “The Best”– Covid19 is the outcome of excessive human desires and power differences both at Human and Business Level. With this approach the business will not gain anything rather bring losses .Superiority of one over other will only be acceptable if it interests everyone by protecting their Human and Business Rights.

Motivate yourself to do more and keep going rather than be insecure of what you lost on the way –Disaster or Crisis is not the end of life rather it brings New Beginning and New Thoughts. Do not get demoralized for what you lost rather be satisfied and thankful for what you saved. This thought will motivate you and will generate positive energy within you to regain everything what you lost.

Notice microscopically all positive and negative effects due to crisis –Shifting business strategies and taking Smart Moves in Business is need of the hour. Binary effect from crisis will keep businesses alive. Where ever there is darkness there is ray of light. Try to see the both sides of crisis effect and Make business strategies accordingly.

Dr. Monika Suri with Students

Operate from where you stopped – Good news is business need not to start from ZERO or from scratch again, it has already attained goodwill , market reputation , Networking and net worth before the crisis entered globally. Efforts have to be done in right direction with right intention to pick up the pace of business again.

Prove your competencies during Crisis – It is comparatively easy to run business under normal /certain  conditions As every action can be predictable and acted upon .Covid19 disaster has brought  lot of  uncertainty for all businesses .Thus dealing with uncertainties needs lot of competency and experience . Here comes the role of self -sustainable Business model. Fight or Flight –Choice is yours’.

Quarantine the business from any unethical and unlawful action – Avoid shortcuts in life and Business. Both will bring disaster which is much more dangerous and harmful than Covid19.Business World has witnessed many scams and results are quite noticeable. Do not get indulged in any unethical action during crisis which will bring bad name to the brand. Business reputation ones lost is lost forever .Business may grow monetarily but will never be progressive ever.

Recreate future with better planning and vision – Recreation is always a better version of the past. Recreate future of business to create best for tomorrow. Defining Vision with better planning and more clarity will surely help in business progression.

Shift your focus to most desirable business solutions – Shifting focus will help business grow fast and rapid. Involving teams in the process of co-creation will prove to be very beneficial to reach to the most desirable business solutions .This will further encourage the culture of mutual decision making, trust and ownership in all team members in future.

Treat your teams as your own immediate family – The only time to test someone’s concern for you is none better than crisis or disaster. This is a mutual platform for business and its stakeholders to show each other how much they care. When organization need employees in tough times then employees are expected to prove their loyalty and ownership and vice versa. Mental & Emotional assure of being together makes business stronger and stronger everyday .Please do not push them to what you want them to do at this crucial time  .Accommodate their personal and professional interests to make cohesive team  with collaborative problem solving approach which will prove to be more productive for Business in future.

Utilize your time productively and resources carefully for at least bringing business back to normal stage – All businesses will have to suffer from Whatever damage is expected and uncontrollable during or till Covid19 last long . Post effects of this crisis need lot of time and efforts of the businesses to regain what they lost. Timely decisions and with limited preserved resources will bring normalcy in every business unit.

Visualize and sense the future keeping in mind similar crisis or may be worst disasters – Be Prepared that something worst than Covid19 may exist in future and plan your business strategy and contingency Budget accordingly. It will always keep business ahead to face any kind of disaster humanly and economically.

Wait and watch and learn from Mistakes- Write clear action steps to overcome the mistakes during any crisis. It is good to second the race at times than getting first movers advantage always .Follow and observe similar businesses and their strategies post crisis and be patient to get instant short term profits rather than long term business sustainability.

X-Generation as best hope post corona –Though all Generations X,Y & Z  will be impacted through corona effect attitudinally but  there is probability of  X- Generation to adapt all changes with high degree of receptivity  in all spheres of their life including life style changes , buying behavior , changing their management and leadership styles etc. Their characteristic of being sensitive makes them more responsible towards any decisions in their life – Both Business and personal.

Yield smartly for future –Present crisis will make business more aware and informed of similar crisis or situations in coming times. This is very healthy situation though presently disastrous. This will help business to yield smartly for future to shied business with desirable preventive strategies to save them from severe post-economical effects or imbalance.

Zap the negative energy and start a new Journey optimistically – Negative energy sucks creativity and ability to take right decisions .Whatever loss has happened due to crisis at Human or economical level in business is repairable. As only disability in the world is negative thinking thus be optimistic and start new Journey post crisis.

A to Z learning curve is implementable across the businesses. Covid19 crisis will end soon but learning curve must move on beyond A to Z till the existence of business .The Covid 19 impact is on every business may be little or more, direct or indirect so every business will start from same turning point – No one is ahead no one is behind. Only Post effects may be more or less economically or otherwise. Few disasters have already passed in the past, few may come again so Face this critical journey gracefully rest will follow.

Dr. Monika Suri
Head ,School of Business
Head, Mentorship Program, AURO University
Chairperson,Women Development Cell, AURO University

Dr. Monika Suri is presently working as  Head, School of Business and Associate Professor, Marketing at AURO University. She is also heading the mentorship program across university  and the  Chairperson of  AURO Women Development Cell  Her Educational Qualification is PhD in Management, MBA (Marketing), and PGDM and PGDBM. She has also qualified UGC – NET in the Area of Management. In her 22 Years of service, she had long association of more than 9 years with Amity University Noida as Program Director Life skills  and also served Amity University Dubai Campus, Punjab Technical University, , Doon Business School, Maruti Udhyog Limited and Exide Batteries. A very special feather to Dr. Suri’s cap is that she has been honored with “Ambassador for Peace” by UPF (Universal Peace Federation) in the Year 2009 in International Peace Conference held in Delhi. She is also associated with Indian Society for Training and Development (ISTD) as Internship Guide since 2006. She has National and International Publications in her credentials in the area of Marketing and Behavioural Science. She has authored online articles and has been associated with Silicon India and Education Insight as an expert Writer. She is also the Life time member of Indian Science Congress. Harvard Business Educator Group has acknowledged her as an active member of their portal. Dr Suri has been recognized and honoured by GAIL hazira for the successful completion of her Project cum consultancy on Employee engagement Study on GAIL employees at Hazira Unit Surat .She has also authored a book on Behavioural Science Titled “Making of Ideal Global Professional”. She has been invited as resource person and expert to deliver talks on Marketing and behavioural science by many universities and institutions naming few are central University of Jammu, The Business School Jammu university, PTU, Amity University Dubai and many more . She also conducts the grooming workshops for students and professionals on life skills and behavioural skills for enhancing their employability skills and scope of career enhancement. She has chaired many sessions in National and international conferences .she has also been invited as panel expert by The business school University of Jammu recently at international conference on Service Integration for value generation. Apart from Teaching and Research, Dr. Suri has conducted Training Programmes in the area of Behavioural Science for Corporate Houses like ESSAR Steel  , ArcelorMittal , GAIL, Polyplex Pvt. Ltd, Indian Postal Circle, Delhi Transco India Limited, ONGC National Football Team, Xensa and also for Military and Paramilitary forces in India such as ITBP, BSF, CRPF, BPRD Senior and Junior commandants. She has also conducted Training Sessions on Life skills for the purpose of Common Wealth games for Delhi Police Personals and Rajasthan Police Officials. Undoubtedly, she is acknowledged as a very effective trainer. She has also conducted many Faculty Development Programmes (FDP) in the area of Behavioural Science for Faculty members in India and abroad. Her drive, enthusiasm and hard work have readily endeared her to her superiors and colleagues in the profession.

Training Areas:
1. Life Skills –Soft Skills
2. Interpersonal Communication and relationship Management
3. Stress management
4. Conflict management
5. Self-Management
6. Time Management
7.Emotional Intelligence
8. Problem Solving & Decision making
9. Personal and professional Etiquettes
10. Behavioural Communication
11. Positive Attitude
12.Any other topic related to Life skills
13.MDP’s on General Management & Marketing




  1. Thankyou Dr Suri.
    Last 40days has made us rethink about the human values, the joy of being together, Work from home, Study Online, Travel Less and most important money cannot buy you everything and Nature’s power of healing itself. The world may take sometime to recover by the big financial loss but we came to know that we could live without the luxurious amenities across the world, we could spend enough time with family and rethink about starting afresh.

  2. Mam you are such a great personality that can change the personality of any person towards positive side. You can force anyone to live life cheerfully & peacefully.
    I consider myself very lucky that I had a chance to learn a lot from you.

    Thanks a ton mam

  3. Thanks Gaurav for your humble remarks .I always believe that best students create good teachers .It is two way learning .Thanks a ton to you as well for sparing your time to read this article


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