Hospitality Careers Avenues: includes broad avenues in the domain of Hospitality, Hotels, Catering, and Travel & Tourism & Allied Service-Oriented Industries. The world of hospitality includes exotic enhancement & a glamorous career. Talking of package tours, gourmet delights or even a small get-togethers at home are concepts of hospitality where the main element is Human Capital who are involved in the providing of Services and Products to the Customers/Guests. 

But in this enthralling field of hospitality there is hard work, rigorous training, few hours for leisure & hectic schedules. Of course beside the standard eligibility norms certain other criteria may include outgoing nature, extrovertly nature & proper communication skills, a missionary zeal to work.  Orthodox & conservative tendencies have to be done away with as the service oriented industry strictly believes in the doctrine of “Atithi Devo Bhava/Atithi Pujyah”- ‘Guest Is Always Right’. Courtesy & hospitality go hand in hand to meet and satisfy every Guest as the product of all this is ‘Guest satisfaction’.

Need of HR -Opportunities in Hospitality: Career potential are immense to meet the challenges of hospitality travel and tourism / service industry. Restaurant Managers, Camp bosses, Outlet in-charges are what Captains, Supervisors, and Waiters can aspire for, whereas Chefs, Catering officers ‘can be from the cook rankings. Restaurants, Hotels, Offshore, Ships, Outdoor Outfits, Designer Catering, Food Styling etc. in India and abroad offer good openings, besides the job ,the  employee can be exposed to versatile experiences. The hospitality concept seeks for trained manpower. Institutes offer specialized theory and practical training, on the job or in-plant training as part of the curriculum. Other than the job – uniforms, free-food, service-charges, tips account for perks in catering positions, aptitude, tact, dependability, willingness; initiative and hard work are some of the pre-requisites for catering personnel.

Courtesy Factor:
A. Welcome Gesture: It Suggests Friendly Welcome And Gesture By Use Of Words Like ‘Hello”, ‘Namaskar’ And ‘Good Morning’.
B. Sport Million Dollar Smile: It Signifies A Genuine, Warm Smile To Dance On The Lips And In The Eyes. (No Plastic Smiles Please).
C. Speech Dynamics: It Calls For A Proper Speech And Communication In A Friendly Manner.
D. Creating the WOW Factor – Guest Satisfaction: It Implies a Desire to Anticipate Customer’s Requirements and To Satisfy Them to the Maximum Possible.
E. Envisaging Repeated Clientele: It Signifies An Approach Not Only Highlighting The Welcome But Also For Patronizing Repeatedly.
F. Guest First: It Specifies A High Level Of Importance For The Guest As An Important Person. “Courtesy Is More Than The Above. It Is The Way WE   Go About It.”

Hospitality Professional Essentials:
A Smile Says:  Thank You, Happiness, Satisfaction, Well Done, Understanding, Caring, Success.

How A ‘Guest’ Does Understands Us: 
The Way We Look – Grooming / Nails / Hair / Smile.
The Way We Talk-Standard Phrases, Good Morning / Good Evening / Good Day.
Job Related Skills / Follow Up.

The First ‘Four (04) Minutes:

  • Smile  –  Match speech
  • Eye Contact –  Show Acceptance
  • Person’s Name –  Demonstrate Respect
  • Undivided Attention – Be Cool and Confident
  • Mirror Person’s Body Talk- Be Well Groomed.

Checklist / Reminders of Things:
Do’s :

  • Check Personal Appearance.
  • Be Punctual Plan your Day.
  • Organize Your Working Area
  • Keep Everything Clean.
  • Do First Things First & Save Time.


  • Forget Personal Hygiene.
  • Fail To Plan.
  • Expect your things To Be Done by Others.
  • Be Disorganized & Caught Unawares.

Hospitality   Success Mantra:
Don’t Just Sell, Do Satisfy, Don’t Just Satisfy, Do Pamper, Don’t just pamper, Do Charm…. As Customers/Guests Are Really Everything.

Grooming Standards for Hospitality Professionals:

  • Hair   – Dressing
  • Nails – Manicure
  • Jewellery – Hands / Ears / Neck
  • Footwear – Black / Brown
  • Toe Nails – Short / Pedicure
  • Make up – Simple / Foundation / As Base.
  • Uniforms – Immaculate/Laundered
  • Gen. Hygiene – Bath / Deodorant / Touch-up. 

Business Communication for Hospitality Industry –Stresses on
Facial Expressions, Posture, Personal Hygiene, Vocal, Space, Sound & Time. 

Attributes of Hospitality Industry Professionals:

High Sense of Grooming Good Manners and Etiquette
Personal Hygiene Courtesy
Self Confidence Controlled Physical Stress
Communication Style Decision Making
Diplomacy Learning Habit
Calm & Composed Posture Mathematical Ability
Ability to Remember Part of life acceptance

At a time when guest demands are escalating, the hospitality work force is changing. No business can pretend that the employee of today has the same work values and expectations of decades ago. In fact, there is a type of unwritten, unspoken psychological contract between employers and employees who are part of the great digital revolution. Employers provide learning opportunities and professional development in lieu of job security. Employees will remain with the organization as long as they are developing skills and meeting or exceeding their expectations for skill development. Employee engagement & motivation today is therefore tied to education, training, mentoring, and growth opportunities.

Dr. Suhas Rao
Head of Operations – YogHit Nexus
L&D Architect – Academician-Action Coach
DBA (UK), EPMHRM-IIT Bombay, EPHRM-IIM Lucknow PhD-Mgmt.,


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