Education is most important for overall development of a country. With regard to the health and social awareness, education plays a vital role. In our Indian culture generally women manage the house business, day to day economic affairs and control the family budget. In this sense, if they are educated they would be able to manage the home budget more efficiently which finally affects their economic growth and overall development. They can participate and contribute in democratic process and various government schemes as well which would finally raise the graph of national development. Hence we need to have more attention on women literacy programs and their education. Education can bring a lot of change and happiness in their life. Women education is the need of time now for women empowerment actually. 

It is important to understand the present form of non formal education system in our country where a large number of adults especially women are unable to read and write. They do not find time to go to school because of various reasons and become disadvantaged of government or private education systems.

This is fact that a large number of illiterate populations belong to women sector that are underprivileged from basic education. The reason behind this may be many but practically these are because of the following; Daily wage worker go for work in the morning, come back home in the evening and thereafter they miss the education opportunity. Women have other family responsibilities to take care of their children and family members. In the early morning they wake up and start their home works first; cleaning, dish washing, cooking for children and family members and then going somewhere else for daily job either for farming or any job nearby. In the evening after coming back to home again they have to go through same exercise. So there is a big challenge for them that when they would attend the school, even if they are interested in learning. Suppose, they find even two hrs leisure time and which could be utilized for learning purpose but the question arises that they cannot leave their job because they need food to survive in life and if they do not do their daily wage job and routine home works, family will not accept them (women). Women in our Indian society and culture have to take family responsibilities; hence the basic schooling is ignored. This is biggest issue and reason of increased number of women illiteracy in India. Not only is this, women illiteracy increases many problems in society for which further research required.

Important areas we need to focus seriously;
a. Literacy:
To overcome the situation where women need to be empowered it is most important that they should be literate first. Literacy is the first step which would make a woman powerful in the terms of their prosperity and happy life. Without education it is difficult for them to understand the family management system. Family management is such an important factor which affects women empowerment.
b. Family Management System:
Family management system (FMS) is a kind of self learning process in which a woman learn theoretically as well as practically managing the entire home-management. In this step general management, financial management, health management, social management, political management and behavior science etc, all are somehow as in the part of daily routine life a woman has to go through and learn the real issues, their solutions and finally a refined knowledge is gained which makes a family happy. A happy family is the aim of Family Management system. If the family is a happy, the whole purpose of the women empowerment is served. For this again education is the key issue for women.
c. Health Awareness:
Health education for women empowerment is known as one of the important factor. An educated woman may have more awareness of different types of health issues and their remedies, precautions, vaccinations etc. Economic development is concerned with these issues.  Generally it has been seen that illiterate persons are not keeping themselves abreast of health issues and because of this reason suddenly they face health problem and spend a huge amount of saved money on treatment of different diseases. In many cases they borrow loans from local business men, sell their properties arrange from some other sources. It is very painful exercise in urgent medical situation and for this a heavy cost is put on family head. Finally economic condition of the family affected. An educated man or woman may avoid this unwanted financial burden.
d. Social Awareness:
Illiteracy enhances social problems, social bye cuts and differences among people in the society. A small issue even takes a vast and serious form of social problem which finally defaces the value in society and disturbs the whole chain of social life, culture and economic growth; hence social awareness is one of the important issues for women empowerment in India. But in lack of education again it is not possible.

Though there are Government Schemes for Adult Education Programs but I feel the way of its implementation and method of teaching may not be proper therefore the desired rate of literacy is achieved in India. India needs a different type literacy program model which could technology based now. Lessons and method of teaching should be technology based and more graphics enabled system. The timing for learning classless for adults should be flexible according to their convenience because they are daily wage workers. The new literacy training model /program must consider the following issues/points while designing the model;

  1. Management issues
  2. Cost of expenditures
  3. Monitoring problem
  4. Ownership issues
  5. Social issues for women learners
  6. Learners’ issues- do not come in school during day time or evening because they go for job to anywhere or in the evening work for their house responsibilities.
  7. Maintenance issue.
  8. Security issues
  9. Safety issues.
  10. Easy to learn
  11. Easy to operate
  12. Easy to manage
  13. Flexible timing
  14. Job opportunities
  15. Free from bureaucracy
  16. Easy to run by anyone
  17. Free from complications like bank accounts, funds, lease, rent, etc.
  18. Easy lesson
  19. Easy model discovered by us
  20. Open for all groups of male and female.
Prof. M K Vajpayee

India is a fast developing country where women participation cannot be ignored, therefore it is also paramount important that they must be educated. Without education they are not able to participate in democratic process and various government schemes. The Government should take appropriate and necessary steps to educate all women in the country; it would be the biggest contribution to the society and nation building.

Prof.(Dr.)M. K. Vajpayee
Vice Chancellor,Capital University,


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