Covid 19 has caused devastating changes in all areas of our biosphere from human and animal. Species to physico~chemical,socio~biological to socio~ psychological paradigms.

Our thinking,creativity,skills,professionalism,responsibility and accountability needs fresh inputs from various stake holders.We have held a firm belief that Education is the source of empowerment,excellence and in nexus with industry can devise ways and means to enrich the quality of life of teeming global population.We created human boundaries on the basis of standards of education,science and technology.We devised our curricula and training programs to turn out millions of young people that selected industry,agriculture,medicine ,engineering,marketing,defence etc as their field to get their dreams fulfilled with a self made style of living.Nations thought that nuclear deterrents,ballistic missiles ,remote control of warfare are good enough to fight any enemy.

Globally we planned to be safe,secure,healthy,strong and dream of being a super power.Despite all our futuristic imagination in functional science and technology,we missed to take into account ,how a lifeless macromolecule could have such a horrendous effect on human life,international trade and commerce,defence strategies,education and the directions of science and technology.We developed breath taking technologies in Nanobiotechnologies,which had applications in all present and future spheres of life.

A simple macromolecule Covid 19neutralised all our attainments that gave us the psychological complex of “I am the best”. This RNA virus which has a necklace shaped RNA made of 30,000 nucleotides,Reverse Transcriptase enzyme under a lipid cover and with projecting spike proteins with 2 domains of different amino acids sequence made its appearance in Wuhan Virus Research Center China.It has been found to have nine point mutations that result into a total of 10 strains that can mutate further.The strain that caused “Viral Massacre”in China is believed to be different than ones found in Europe,USA ,South America,South East Asia and the Indian sub continent.Pharma industries have a big challenge,and so do virus research centers and centers if Biomedical research all over the world.Covid 19 is specific virus as it attacks only the respiratory cells which have receptors on their membranes that allow it to tag,gain entry,knock out the genetic systems of host and start taking instructions of viral RNA to produce viral RNA via intervention of Reverse transcriptase,viral proteins,lipids at astronomical speed.,kill host cells and attack others.A person dies due to respiratory arrest.What can we do ?Prepare drugs,vaccines,neutralizers,observe safety norms,shut down industry,educational institutions,transport systems,and movement of people.None will bring any positive result.The question is how an individual’s immune system will handle a variety of Covid 19 strains that are yet to come.Do we see a scenario of substantial loss of human population on the basis of their age,habitation at certain latitudes and at certain temperatures.?No certain answers are possible.

We are facing the question based on alleged use of Genetic Engineering technology to make this virus a killer virus.,and that this is the first trial for its use as microbiological weapon of mass destruction by remote control.It knows No boundaries,is not specific to any genotype ,and can change demography in countries and in states on its own.Our defence technologies have failed..We are now faced up having to live with VOODOO economy,education,science,technology and industry.

The challenges of post corona era whenever it arrives are numerous,intricate,still not in the realm of our thinking and action plan.What should we teach in our schools,colleges,universities.What areas of research are in the priorities zone~Health,Hygiene,sanitation,biodiversity,ecosystems,agriculture,veterinary ,pollution.,and biomedical science,food,water and.. air quality,Can we devise skill development programs that make every home a production hub.How will industry cope with the changing escenario.Defence Industrial complex will find that nuclear devises, ballistic missiles, tanks ,guns etc will not help.If our future is linked with macromolecules which are life less and cause devastation once they enter men and animals,how do we save ourselves.

Do we now visualize a Scenario where a person skills in the art and craft of Genetic Engineering,nanoparticle research will gain prominence every where.Because he is the ability to use every thing as his raw material bacteria to human life.We call ourselves Homo sapience that is “Wise men”Are we so?

Note: Part 2 of this above article will be published in the month of June, 2020

Dr. Lall is First class First M.Sc in Zoology,Gold medalist PhD from McMaster University Canada,WHO fellow in USA,Visiting Scientist in Several European and other countries,guided 23 Doctoral theses,published over 400 articles on Education,Science & Technology,Policy Planning and Administration, Conducted over 500 lectures pan India,North America etc.


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