With the changing pace of Higher education , exploring and discovering  the  pedagogical tools has become a prime concern keeping in mind the current needs and interest of Today’s SMART learners . Making education more meaningful and futuristic are the key success factors for all higher institutions in India and abroad .To complement the Holistic education, Living curriculum, lively campus , SMART classes with digitally advanced technology , tools of edutainment and Digitally smart faculty, Industry and Community Involvement are some of the  prerequisites to bring impact through effective  teaching learning methodology . With a focus on learner’s growth and development, 7–I Framework has been self-conceptualized by the author of this article which may define and symbolize an effective teaching learning environment and also will complement both online and offline learning -teaching methodology.

Fig A: Visualization of 7–I -Learner Centric Framework by Dr Monika Suri , AURO University INDIA
Jury from Industry for Live Projects
Simulation Based Innovative Learning
Fig B- 7-I – Learner Centric Teaching Learning Self Conceptualized Framework
by Dr Monika Suri , AURO University INDIA

Teaching will be considered as informative if it will follow prerequisites like Relevance with respect to learning objectives defined for a particular module. It will further be followed by very practical approach keeping in mind the realistic scenarios in business, Industry or real life which the learners have to face in their personal and professional life. Multidimensional Knowledge will help learner’s to develop skills sets in taking informed decisions in life with full consciousness .Other best practices to make learning informative are to develop among learner’s the reading habits through book reviews and book talks, to enhance their in-depth understanding and clarity of fundamental principles and basic concepts of whatever subject matter they go through and also to avoid superficial understanding of any concept.

Learners of today demand Joyous learning experience .Nothing fascinates them than interesting teaching learning pedagogy full of experiential learning. Varieties of edutainment tools like real time Business simulations, movie analysis, role plays, management games, quizzes, storytelling ,case studies ,discussions and discourses ,use of VR/AR ,  power point presentations ,industrial visits, Social Projects, Community Reach activities ,Competitions, Events etc. will surely make the learning experience memorable for them .It will be very motivating for learners to experience learning with fun. This will improve their creative thinking skills including problem solving, writing, design thinking, communication skills and open-mindedness.

It is always important  to measure the impact factor of teaching learning effectiveness .Impactful teaching pedagogy will always be visible and supported by Blended mode of learning , Interdisciplinary competency , Continuous Transformation of learner , Intellectually encouraging environment and many more techniques .It is also measured through outcome based learning by measuring pre and post technical and behavioral transformation of the learner. Visible Personality Development inside out and outside in will also validate whether teaching methodology is working well effectively for the group of learners or not .The impactful learning will lead to personal and professional excellence.

Innovation is the key to Success .The learning which encourages Entrepreneual Mindset amongst learners, injects design thinking in them and also promotes out of box thinking validates Innovative teaching .The importance of Incubators and the establishment of incubators at the University campus  is a very positive step to promote startups and entrepreneurship. It is a paradigm shift which is developing and creating leaders in higher education who will in turn decide the future of nation, economy and globe. In coming times only street SMART professionals will be on high demand that will create new knowledge and will reshape the future of businesses and industry with a new and fresh perspective. To complement the same, living curriculum and Living campuses will play a very important role in encouraging the innovative teaching learning pedagogy with SMART Infrastructure Development at Higher Institutions.

Experiential Learning through Live Projects
Transformational Learning through Scriptures & Holy Books

Integral Development of the learner includes behavioral, cognitive and attitudinal transformation from inside out and outside in through various approaches of education and through effective teaching learning tools and techniques. An integral approach will educate the learner’s Physical, Mental, Vital and Spiritual aspects of his or her personal and professional existence not only for a specific scenario or profession but for the lifelong. Integrating their competencies and skills ,their personalities and life styles  in the best interest of Industry and community  will make them socially responsible and morally accountable by encouraging the feeling of Giving back to society and showing their gratitude by uplifting the status of society in their own capacities .Value based education and life skills training will develop learners holistically which in turn will make them ethical in their behaviour, thinking ,actions and deeds .Integral approach in teaching learning will also harmonize their Mind ,Body and Soul and will make them responsible global citizens and Industry leaders.

Due to hyper growth in the use of digital teaching learning tools and also due to increased virtual communication between the learners and teachers, Interactive learning has been evolved as the integral part of Higher education .Blended learning from four walls of class room to digital classrooms has given a completely new dimension to the relationship of learners and teachers for meaningful knowledge transactions .This has also completely changed the way and pace of Teaching..It has become more participative and collaborative rather than monotonous in nature. Mentorship has also been effectively incorporated as the learner and teachers started relying on each other to access and explore various sources of knowledge and also in turn expansion of knowledge jointly. Free and open exchange of meaningful knowledge transactions has made the learning more collaborative. Peer to Peer mentoring & learning has also been encouraged as interactive tool for teaching and learning. In this participative journey everyone is learner –Be it mentee or mentor.

Industry Ready Approach in Higher Education

All above I’s will go in vain if Industry will not be involved in the process of teaching learning throughout at higher education journey .Focus on specialized and skills based learning is one of the prime objective of an effective teaching methodology to enhance the employability of learners and to make them economically independent .Industry Involvement and engagement with various capacities as guides and mentors will help in holistic transformation of the learners .It will also eliminate or minimize the GAP between Industry and academia by offering the real time action oriented approach to teaching learning process by inculcating the solution based attitude amongst the learners rather than giving up attitude .Simulation based learning will make the learners industry ready with a very practical approach of handling live projects . The industry visits and expert talks will complement experiential learning to the fullest and will help learners to gain competitive edge by projecting core values and ethics.

At last, the Integration of 7 -I Framework in the teaching learning process will increase the acceptability, adaptability and flexibility at learners’ and teacher’s level by transforming their relationships as Mentor –Mentee and also by strengthening the bond between all stake holders in Higher education systems. As the new normal has been evolved for many sectors so as education .Thus wise step for tomorrow’s higher Education institutions would be to identify the best practices from the blended learning –Both Online and offline modes and revamp the education system to give a memorable and long-lasting teaching learning experience to learners and teachers as both will be progressive in this collaborative journey. This will be a great value addition to higher educations in India specifically to gain competitive edge across the global institutions with an integral approach to learning.



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