This does not mean the dangers of COVID19 is Over and Virus is gone!.
The Coronavirus is creating a mass panic  all over the world. While it is still too early to estimate the health impact on the world over the long term, one thing is for sure, the economic impact of this on businesses all over the world maybe huge. The bigger the health impact, the economic impact will be even bigger.

I believe there is a bit of arrogance and foolishness built up around Covid-19. People actually believe it will just “magically go away” or “take the summer off” or it’s “something we will just have to live with” as loss of life becomes a byproduct. But, if you look at all the “scientific data” those arguments just don’t make sense.

Iran is already experiencing a second wave as it opened up. Some may argue it’s because of increased testing. Okay, I’ll give you that. But, look at the increase in deaths. Just because we test more doesn’t make it okay that we can accept increased deaths. In Iran, it’s warmer now than it was during its first wave.

India is quickly becoming the epicenter in South Asia as cases continue to rise even as temperatures have hit record numbers. Brazil, the epicenter in South America, creates daily records as confirmed daily cases rise.

America with the protests and social unrest is likely creating super spreaders from asymptomatic carriers.

I worry people are misunderstanding this disease as they now have their guards down. It’s like people are now bored of COVID19 and have moved on from it. But, COVID19 hasn’t moved on from us. A second wave could be even more deadlier than the first wave.

Let’s let science play its role in this and not listen to political propaganda. Listening to scientists will probably save more lives than listening to any politician.

The COVID vaccine is not yet available till now all 7.5 billion people are waiting for the same , HCQ or any other drug not proven as remedies still are under testing. We need to take precautions to protect ourselves therefore follow the guidelines for protecting you.

Remember the availability of Doctor , ambulance, hospital beds etc will be very difficult in future because of number of cases increase . Doctors are sick of seeing and treating large number of COVID19 patients till now , Government also will not be bothered in future putting all their efforts from last few months because we cannot have a lockdown to continue for ever.

Stay prepared:
First things first, we need to protect ourselves and our families. If you yourself are not protected, it is hard to protect your business. Even if you are not worried about yourself, you need to be worried about your family members and people who are older and have co-morbid conditions. Take the necessary precautions, the biggest of which is avoiding mass gatherings and physical contact with strangers as much as possible, avoiding touching your face and taking proactive steps towards hygiene. This does not eliminate possibilities of getting infected but it lowers the probabilities.

Don’t watch news too much and don’t see this as a time to relax.

It is important to be informed about what is happening in order to take pro-active steps. But if that is all you do, you are going to be brainwashed into panic and that is all that is going to go through your head. You have to keep things in perspective. While the Corona-virus may have health impacts, the economic impact created out of fear and panic is much much larger. As a business owner, you have to treat it as a situation that is temporary and prepare to minimize the negative economic impacts it is likely to have on your business.

Some people are treating it as a time to relax. But this is not the time to holiday, but to step back and re- strategize. The economy can have its ups and downs but your preparation has to be consistent. Make your moves when others are busy watching the news or Netflix.

Learn, Learn, Learn:
Now that it is likely that unless you are in the medical/pharma business, your business will likely take a hit to some extent for a while, what is it that you can do in the situation?

The one best thing you can do in this situation is to learn, learn and learn some more. When you are busy with business you are so caught up in the rat race that you are only stuck in day to day operations and can’t take business to the next level.

Now, the situation will change, many businesses will take a big hit.  At this stage, most people go into a contraction and complaining mode. What you need to do is to start learning as much as you can to figure out what you can do to keep your business running even during these tough times and how to come out of it stronger, when the economy bounces back.

Invest in reading books or online programs as much as you can to be aware and educated on the strategies to acquire customers during times of crisis. You should also get your team on board this. Invest in an online program where teams can attend learning remotely and progress is consistently being measured so that people have a high morale and do whatever it takes to steer the business out of crisis.

If you want to avoid suffering in business, you need to learn!  Don’t be like those who say  ” We don’t have time for training!” when the economy is good, and “We don’t have money for training!” when the economy is bad!

But your investment can give bigger return #visiondigitalindia #providingdigitalskillstoall

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  1. The danger of COVID 19 Pandemic looms on our head,as it is waiting for come needs to learn from past experience and Dr Hari Maram is right in his briefing that Covid 19 Pandemic times are not over yet,it may strike back again with more venegence


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