All normal people have feelings. Perhaps we have feelings all the time, even if the intensity varies greatly. In order to recognize ourselves and others, it is decisive for us to perceive, interpret and respond to our own feelings and those of others. Emotions frequently results in physical and psychological changes that influence thought and action. Hundred of research papers are asserting that emotions are ubiquitous to human life. It fluctuates through the highs and lows, but we have the ability to enhance our own sense of well-being. We spend an inordinate amount of time and energy in waiting for something because we truly believe that the change we anticipate will enhance the quality of our lives. We obstinately cling to this position even though life’s circumstances don’t really change. While we can control the circumstances to some extent rather many situations are beyond our command but how we choose to spend our days or direct our attention can have a significant contribution to our happiness levels. A neurobiologist Antonio Damasio asserts, feelings are emotions that are perceived and understood by the one who experiences them. Emotional confrontation will always stimulate turbulence, annoyance, and disturbance.

The current world is a stress-ridden world, fast pace of life aggravates the situation further. Maintaining balance in life is exceedingly crucial. We need to develop a composed, serene, and tranquil state of mind in all types of situations. If we want to progress in our lives, then we have to attune ourselves with positive emotions. The positive emotions like love, joy, pride, inspiration etc are likely to strike you as desirable emotions to experience. Most people agree that striving to increase your experiences of these emotions is a worthy cause. Whether you stay on monarchy of happiness it is importance to make conscious effort to experience one of these emotions further.

The Broaden and Build Theory, developed by Barbara Fredrickson, explain that positive and negative emotions plays vary roles in a person processing and personal development. The outcomes are not limited to one area of being rather span across every nook and cranny of the human experience. The major benefits of experiencing positive emotions that it moderate the impact of stressful events on coping ability, and in turn, psychological and physical well-being. It allows individuals to bounce back from stressful events and find meaning in negative experiences and to decrease depressive symptoms. The positivity at work led to enhanced self-efficacy, which in turn increased job and relationship satisfaction and mental health. Many conducted research confirming that different positive emotions lead to different positive outcomes. When humans are content, or happy, the wiring in our brain changes in ways that scientists are still trying to understand.

Each and every individual needs to understand this that keeping a proper balance is must so we should plan every move in life, be it our career or our relationships. Make sure to give hundred percent in everything we do. Also, never neglect health, must spend quality time with friends & family and indulge in a passion.

Here, I have merely scratched the surface in the article but it seems like a worthwhile research topic. There is a world of positive emotion to be discovered and applied in psychological research and practical set.



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