where the whole world is struggling with providing the education to our children, are we in a condition to find out the right solution for the same?

why are we being so much resistant for the issue of fees.? Mere, the issue of fees is enough to deprive your child get the education?

The whole world is dealing with the same problem of pandemic. No one can say, when this will end? But we being Educators, Parents, Well-wishers for our children, what are we giving our children?

No education in the name of fees. why?

We say, students are the future of our country, and what are we doing like sensible citizens. Are we not playing with the future of our children?

It’s the time, to be thoughtful, change our mindsets that education is not merely about fees, it’s all about your child’s development.

Online education is the best solution for the current problem the world is facing?

Yes there should be limited screen time, minimum fees yet which could bring quality education.

This time, we are thinking which is better, online or physical education?

I believe online is better, at least, you as a parent, is in condition to see, what your child is Learning, which in other way round, you even have no clue, your child is even more safer with you at your home, getting the best education, which is possible.

No one in this world is free enough to spare the time for your children. It requires efforts, planning, curriculum design and lot more, which we as normal citizens think that it is pretty easy job.

I would rather say, it is the toughest part of the education to design it. We see as not paying fees will resolve the issues.

But, just think, those who are teaching your child, are they not having the families, are they free, are they not making efforts, do they don’t have children, do they don’t have to pay rents, maintenance, salaries to the staff for household and lots more.

But no, we are thinking, when child is at home, he or she is not going anywhere, why to pay fees? We are now opposing the concept of online education just because, the child is busy seeing the phones, laptops, computers etc.

But, to throw some light, let’s bring our attention to those times, where we only give our child our phones to play games, or when we have guest at our homes, when Child is eating or throwing tantrums. What about that? Is it not making your child’s eye weak?

It is the time to come together and bring out results which can have win-win Situation for both. Let’s not piss off children’s into it.

Even you are not going out for work, rather working from home, don’t expect for salary even?

Give it a thought, The answer lies within…


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