For any business to succeed in today’s circumstances, it must focus on customer retention and customer satisfaction, as now days’, only making new customers is not enough to keep the business profitable.

It is often seen, observed and experienced that the success and its grandeur is more fruitful when it is the outcome of the customer satisfaction. On the same time, it is always the extract of the actions that were executed from exceptional plans and not the mainstream plans. To be successful, it is extremely important to study, understand and act on the consumer behavior, customer’s happiness and satisfaction. Customers are the actual brand ambassadors for any organization and their word of mouth plays very important role.

Every critical feedback is your opportunity & eulogizing is your significant point for the scope to improve. According to Jeff Bezos, CEO – Amazon, it is of utmost importance to focus on your customer because the customer is always, in very creative & unbelievable way, stays critical and dissatisfied even when he is presenting himself as satisfied from your services and your business is growing tremendously.

There is a requirement of customer delight which means most importantly delivering what have been assured, plus adding little bit further to exceed expectations of the customers.  Converting a satisfied customer into a delighted customer can have tremendous benefits for your business. There is a need to delight your customers; this will automatically reduce the huge amount of cost incurred on an advertising campaign. Delighted customers will share their experience through word of mouth, social media or leave review on your organization and other sites, and your business will get benefit from more recommendations and new customers!


  1. Delightful experience play a vital role in every field whether the product or from service if we talk of service industry one can delight on the time of service for example in teaching a teacher can delight their students(customers) during lecture.
    But the delightful experience in education industry based on the placement a student can get but sorry to say nowadays education institutions are more focusing to attract their customer by showing the infrastructure not the placement.


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