One of my students who bagged a bunch of gold medals for the previous academic year Committed suicide a week back. Mohith ,a class of 12th student started behaving abnormally all of a sudden soon after his pre –final examinations  much to the worry and embarrassment of his parents. Students have become the scapegoats of Stress Factors such as monetary expenses, weighty obligations; family expectations, deadlines and workload all induce stress in students. While a mild amount of stress is very useful and acts as a motivation for students, too much stress can interfere with their daily lives. Over a period of your time chronic stress can result in a bunch of great problems such as depression and anxiety. Managing stress in its early stages can help maximize the college/university experience and opportunities for college students.

Reasons for educational stress
Strict schedules throughout the semester, assignment deadlines, low-slung grades, perplexing classes, and unknown fear of some exams, responsibilities, and especially poor time management all result in a stockpile of educational stress.
This stress is additionally supplemented with concerns that don’t seem to be associated with academic or social life. These can include daily travelling daily, part-time job, financial burdens, and so on.
Indeed managing academic stress is both an art and a science. Confidence in one self is that the key for each success. try and spend the each and each moment meaningfully.

1. Visualize every day’s success as soon as you woke up:
Plan the regular tasks that you simply have to complete. Don’t forget to visualize your every day’s success. So you’ll free yourself from phobia towards unnerving assignments.

2. Manage your time:
It has been proved persistently that managing time methodically with a relaxed mood
is one in all the foremost positive stress-relieving techniques whether work or study of latest techniques time must be spent astutely. Students should be able to scheme and cling to the self-prepared timetable. Choose a soothing pause between work and study, whether or not it’s just getting rid of time to breathe.

3. Create your rewarding system:
Self-motivation is undoubtedly taking you to commendable heights. Have your own system of rewards in order that you’ll foresee to accomplish a group of tasks each day. for instance, give yourself a pat before of the mirror or say well-done after having read, understood and revised 20 pages of your textbook or notes. This slightly exhortation of endorphins will offer you the reassurance to stay occupying.

4. Physical Exercise:
Please understand that physical exertion organizes your body well. you would possibly have felt that you just are too busy together with your studies and regular assignments. Hold on a second — there’s excellent news when it involves exercise and stress. Practically any type of exercise from aerobics, dance to yoga, can act as a stress reliever. Attempt to realize the association between exercise and stress relief and make it a concept of daily life.

4. Sunday life:
Let it’s a comfortable life on Sundays, you’ll avoid workout once in an exceedingly week, get on my feet one hour late, ask your mummy to arrange a delicious delicacy which you wish the foremost, watch new movies, play indoor games, select short excursion, sing a song with karaoke with available recent singing apps like star maker and Smule .But keep yourself totally off from smoking and boozing.

5. Tranquilizing Sleep:
Evidently, you may have realized persistently in your life that you just can’t focus or contribute your best without a decent night’s slumber. There are some guidelines to mark the foremost of these treasurable hours of sound sleep. First, don’t do any academic related add your bedroom; it’ll be resulted in dissonance between your room and your work, which is able to make it harder for you to go to sleep. Do the homework at your drawing room only. Please remember technology
using computers, laptop, and smart phones before visiting bed has been proved to diminution the standard of sleep. Never worry about while you’re trying to sleep.

6. Continue healthy diet:
Prefer Oily fish, seeds, and nuts, fresh veggies, egg whites, reduce intake of carbohydrates. But remember that don’t hesitate to violate the diet rules once during a week or a month. Have sumptuous feast often.

7. Avoid procrastination:
The better way of avoiding stress is to induce the foremost difficult things out of the way first. Most of the scholars postpone their work because they have their own apprehension about the task they’re laying aside. Please don’t have any apprehension anything in your life. Plow ahead with more confidence. Unnecessary procrastinating ends up in more stress.

8. Devote some quality time together with your buddies:
A cup of coffee, Tea, with family or friends is all you wish to urge your stress levels back to normal. Stress also can get shoddier if a student feels lonely. By sharing all of your thoughts to someone you trust, you immediately feel far better. But avoid gossips and lose talks.

9. Take one step at a time:
Don’t put too many eggs in one basket. Never try too many things at the identical time. Rather than feeling flabbergasted about all the targets, it’s always worthy to form a listing and type them out one by one. This could be of greater help to you to be more well-organized and inventive together with your time.

10. Say Good Bye to Negative Thoughts:
The problem with every Indian student is that they over consider their future. Let all live in the present. Your friends and relatives may discourage you by talking negative things about your career by providing some examples. You’re the architect of your own destiny. Miracles can happen if your plans and thoughts work within a really short period of your time.
If you retain thinking on the adverse aspects of a condition, you’ll be hampered by mental stress Instead, try and observe the glass half full, and stay optimistic through tough times. Come what may. Be ready to face.



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