Brief Overview of NMSRC.
Research allows us to identify specific problems from different angles or to understand what is most  talked about. The arguments made by the researcher in the academic paper lead to the innovation, new thoughts and new perspective. In doing research, a scholar gathers evidence based on facts and logic beyond personal experience. Thus academic research papers open the door to more discourse and discussion.The quality of research work translates directly to the students, society and the nation. We believe that the National Management Summit and Research Conference (NMSRC) will provide a platform to promote research in  a vast and diverse country like India. It has been generally accepted that academic research has greatly contributed to solving many of the problems facing by our society and industry at large. There are many instances where industries have resorted to the field of education to find solutions to important problems. Your research paper will add more value in bringing desirable change in the society and industry.

About the Theme -NMSRC 2020 Management & Development Perspectives in the New Normal.
The changing business environment in the complex, uncertain and volatile world, is creating more challenges for the professional than ever before. In early 2020, the world began what is undoubtedly the largest work-from- home experiment in history. The current crisis that has crippled economies across the globe, made consumers re- thinks consumption habits. The pandemic has already altered consumer purchasing patterns and behaviours in deep and perhaps lasting ways. Given high unemployment and widespread quarantines, for instance, consumers are at home more often than not. They are shopping less, spending less when they do shop, and focusing more on health and well-being products and concerns. Significant macroeconomic, commercial, and cost shifts over the past six months or so are changing the landscape of business. In some cases, this will involve introduction of entirely new services and at very least will mean re-inventing and re-engineering processes and ways of working. The skills- set required to lead in these challenging times can often seem as complex and organizations must be able  to absorb, access and analyze information to identify the opportunities and threats and enable them to make the right decision at the right time. Therefore we welcome all academicians, business practitioners, researchers to this common platform to come and share their insights about the management and development perspectives in “new normal” business environments for a better and relished future.

Sub-Themes :

  • Ethical HR Policies and Practices
  • Work From Home: “Issues and Challenges
  • Talent Management
  • Campus to Corporate : The Era of Digitalization
  • Skills & Competency Management
  • HR’s Journey: From Disruption to Reliever
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Innovation and Disruption in Retailing
  • Digital Adoption in Consumer Research
  • Consumer Buying Behavior and Shopping Trends
  • Innovations in Rural Marketing
  • Digital Marketing of Services
  • IOT & Life style
  • Impact of Industry 4.O
  • Business Intelligence Techniques
  • ICT: Changing Forums
  • Cyber Security: Prospects and Challenges
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Fintech in the New Normal
  • Banking & Finance
  • Investment Behavior
  • Economic Challenges & Opportunities
  • Stock Exchange Performance in the Pandemic
  • An Assessment of Loan Defaults and its impacts on Profitability of Banks

Note:*Sub-themes are not confined to the above areas only. Any paper covering broader area of Management may be taken into consideration by the Committee, if it suits the theme of the Conference.

Invited Speakers / Chairpersons:

Dr. Bhaba Krushna Mohanty, Professor, IIM Lucknow Dr. Satya Bhusan Dash, Professor IIM Lucknow.
Dr. Ajay Kumar, Director, Gl Bajaj Institute of Management, Greater Noida.
Dr. Amar Nath Jha, Professor, Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi (Lalpur Campus) Dr.Sandip Kar, Chairman, IIMS, Kolkata.
Dr. Krishna Kumar Agarwal, Professor, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi.
Dr. Sanjay Patro, Professor, XLRI Jamshedpur.
Dr. Rana Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Sanskriti University Mathura.
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Tiwary, Faculty, LNMI Patna.
Dr. Manas Kumar Sanyal, Professor and Dean, Faculty of Business Admn., University of Kalyani (West Bengal).
Dr. B.N. Swar, Dean, Management Development Institute, Murshidabad, West Bengal.
Dr. Pramod Pathak, Former Professor, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad Dr. Siba Kumar Udgata, Professor, School of Computer & Information Sciences, University of Hyderabad.
Dr. Raj Kumar Singh, Dean (R&D), SMS Varanasi Dr. R. Ravi Kumar, Former Professor, IIM Bangalore.
Dr. Himachalam Dasaraju, Professor Emeritus, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati.
Dr. Sudhir Sharan, Professor Emeritus and Visiting Faculty, IIM Lucknow and University of Texas, USA.
Dr. Durga Prasad Samontaray, Associate Professor, College of Business Administration, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

NMSRC 2020 Organizing Committee:

Chief Patron:
Shri Samrendra Singh
Chairman, ISM Patna

Mr. Deval Singh, Vice-Chairman, ISM Patna
Mr. Amal Singh, Member-Governing Body, ISM Patna

Prof. (Dr.) Prasanta Kumar Padhy
Director, ISM Patna

Mr. Abhishek Anand
HR Manager, ISM Patna

Organising Secretary:
Dr. Ranjan Kumar Mishra
Faculty Member & Head-IT, ISM Patna


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