Our Biosphere can support  human population to the extent of Three Billion as against the present seven billion. Add to this the fauna and flora,which is needed for diverse ecosystems, and food chains. We draw food,clean water,air and space from them to live differential qualities of life.

Pre covid scenario of our systems of education of different streams had some meaning. It gave youth the chance to educate and train themselves as Teachers,doctors,engineers,enterprenaurs,industrialists,managers ,civil servants,men of police and judiciary and above all new brands of politicians emerging as professionals that required no grooming,education,training.All such people had dynasty ,caste,money and muscle power in the form of Maafia and Sena to launch and sustain them in politics. Majority of the youth who were truthful,honest and hard core professionals could never become a part of this process. This also sowed the seeds of corruption,bribery and criminalised administration. Vulnerable youth  continued to be exploited and blackmailed .They got temporary allurement of some quality of life as organisers of rallies,dharna,protest marches and violence in support of street smart Goondaas cum politicians. Youths are dismayed , disillusioned by ground realities. They cannot understand why a 99 percent topper is ineligible for a job and a failed student gets the job ,because he belong to a certain section of the society who are variously designated by devices that are part of vote bank politics and tactics.

Population continues to increase unabated.In the last two decades several billion people have been born.The family planning programs were made irrelevant although they are collective responsibility of the government and couples.Malnutrition,genetics disorder ,low immunity,poor health and fragile tolerance for anxiety,stress an depression started emerging in such millenial kids across the world.

Religion,caste,creed,region and other factors stopped movement of youth,talented scientist,teachers and researchers from one part of the country to other.Talented youths seek migration to west to fulfill their dreams and goals of life.This failure to harness and sustain quality of mind,creative intellect and wisdom is having a detrimental effect.

Education is the pivot and foremost catalyst of change. What can we do of universities,schools etc where under the supervision of Vice Chancellors,Directors,Principals,Dean’s and faculty,there is distribution of fake and fraudulent degrees,mass copying, plagiarism,cash for desired marks, appointment on the basis of cash and kind and other unmentionable things. What are our Role Models delivering?They are bootlickers and stooges of third rate politicians who been put in high position to earn and share money in a hierarchical system of corruption.

Our youth in villages,urban,city and metro areas have different levels of upbringing,family system,educational experience and training. Thus,a rural youth cannot understand how to compete with urban youth and the latter is simply unaware of how to face challenges of metro culture.

NEP 20 has come with great recommendations. How do we translate them into reality for various classes  of youth? We have no infrastructure of buildings,lab equipment,trained and innovative faculty that can deliver this.The Faculty is largely untrained,the youth is nonplussed for they do not know what kind of system will evolve in the coming two decades.

Stress and anxiety management will become the biggest challenges for the youth globally. Their intrinsic energies,creativity and wisdom will be deeply demoralised.

On another front ,covid has pushed us to prepare modules of change on various fronts. We would need lesser number of people to maintain an organisation. Tools,machines,robotics,sensor systems ,nanobiotechnology will force us to redesign and reset our ecosystems,food chains,and styles of living.Bumper crops,fruit,seeds,milch cattles,poultry prawn,fish,honey bee,mushrooms,medicinal plants ,designer babies of humans and commercial animals are on the card. Our youth needs to learn the art and craft of latest technologies to ensure sustain supply of fresh water,air, space and biodiversity that can become sustained source of variety of food ,medicine,drugs and vaccines that can negate the menace of microbial pathogens,and parasites.

Our curricula as envisaged should be truly interdisciplinary. Our School systems need to have state of the art curricula,as they are feeder channels for University and collegiate system and cognate institutions.We,in India must allocate Ten percent of the budget in training of youth who will be entrepreneurs to mass produce honey,mushroom,prawns,fishes,poultry,goats,sheep,milch cattles,.Industry must develop connections with Engineering,medical,colleges,polytechnics and research centers to carry out research and developments that can be used by Military Industrial Complex,Pharma industry.

Our Youth globally must have options and support to grow into professions that will make each nation self sufficient,strong,powerful and independent of all pressures.

Each Educational system has to strive to become a center of excellence where training programs and research is directed to continue to turn our youth into highly professional individuals.

There is no doubt that it will take several decades to achieve this in so called Democracies which Galbraith called Functional Anarchy.

The biggest challenge for youth is to think about the operational strategy to neutralise politicisation,criminalisation,corruption,bribery .We need to support excellence and not give shelter to incompetence and rotten intellects which may be supported by race,caste,religion,region or other forms of indefensible compassion’s and Sympathy.After all,there is some merit in the Darwinian theory of struggle for Existence and Survival of the fittest.Let the best win.


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