One must accept the fact that psychopathy still remained an unsolved problem at different levels. We have all observed that the people those who are suffering from different psychological disorders are ignored by the great society. But we must feel happy for that ‘Psychiatry’ is safe in hands of medical sciences at present situation as it was believed to be cured by some necromancers earlier.

One must realize that managing mental health is still a problem. According to world health organization, more than 30 crore people are affected only by severe mental health condition Depression or despondency in the globe. About 6 crore people are affected by Bipolar disorder and 2.5 people from Schizophrenia.These disorders were to be treated by either personal Counseling or appropriate medicine before.

Now Technology has started playing a crucial role in the process of detecting and healing mental illness. That is ‘MACHINE LEARNING.’ In an epitome, we can conclude that the very objective of this technology is to finding out the presence and types of the disorder with the help of special algorithms by providing huge data of patients to the computer. This can be properly called ‘computational psychiatry ‘

In a traditional treatment, Diagnosis of a particular psychological disorder was done by collecting the over-all information about the patient’s behavior, presence, intensity and types. Now it is hoped that this process will be able to perform more efficiently when applicability of Machine Learning is expedient.

Human neuro imaging lab( D. Chiyu lab) is one of the well-known institutions in USA which has been conducting research and experiments on this subject. First, the details of the answers to the questions, and the aspects of their behavior were collected on investigation. The second one is quite interesting to know… The people those who volunteered for this experiment will be sent into the specially designed scanner namely FMRI and they will be asked play some computer games which create social artificial situations.

During this process their brain will be scanned completely and the report will be provided to algorithms. How the person responds when confronted with different kinds of social situations is recorded here. This information includes what parts of the brain respond to it. The algorithm calculates this information, and informs us whether there are similarities and differences between the brains of the healthy and the brains of the mentally ill when performed. It gives some relevant information on how patients are treated. It also suggests that respondents must be able to judge with the help of comparison of scanned information of the healed persons. This can help determine if this type of mental condition is necessary to prevent individuals from going to hopeless state. All in all, it is a continuous effort to be made by the ingenious sharing of the information between human beings and machines. Another benefit of viewing mental illness is in terms of fluctuations in the brain. This is of immense help in eliminating ignorance, rejection, and feelings about mental illness people might have. Do we underrate or insult anyone who is suffering from physical ailments? We don’t! normally and we advise them to treat it either by adequate medicine or surgery. In the same way, we must respect the people suffering from mental illness by considering it is just as a physical disorder in the brain and moreover we should try to aim at curing it. The use of technologies such as Machine Learning in this field can be helpful in alerting us in this area.

Most of the organizations are badly in need of graduates those who achieved expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence in the current business scenario. Prestigious institutes like Indian Institute of Managements and Indian Institutes are offering the best quality of training and short term courses on Machine Learning and Big data Analytics. The graduates those who are interested and comfortable with statistics can be benefitted out of it.

Author is Assistant Professor and career counselor at Department of MBA, Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumakuru , Karnataka, India.)


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