Achieving excellence in management education and enhancing the benchmarks on a continuous basis has become imperative in the current VUCA environment. The volatility and the complexity of the environment have made it highly desirable that the institutions involved in management education have to adopt transformative and disruptive process innovations so that a systematic approach towards enhancing quality education can be facilitated. This has become more relevant since the Higher Education Commission of India (HECI) has been planned to be implemented as predicted in the National Education Policy 2020.

In the whole process, the institutions are expected to adopt evolutionary and revolutionary integration of content learning. Moreover, in the current scenario which has challenged the institutions to adopt digitalization, it is highly significant to redefine the systems and processes regularly within the institutes. Not only this, but academic collaboration with foreign higher educational institutions will also create a better education system for value creation and dissemination of education. 

Being evident that the need for an hour is to emphasize on interactive learning and discussion, as the engagement level is very high and far more productive and result-oriented, the possibilities seem to be promising as we are living in a digital world where colossal innovations are garnering with time. But, there is a rider attached with this online learning that is lack of personal connection, which comes only with physical interaction. This makes the role of management institutions immensely critical in creating a hybrid learning environment.

We must understand that the three key missions or objectives of management education are creating new knowledge which generates research. The second objective is disseminating the knowledge which results in skill creation amongst the students; thirdly, the innovation creation as a result of knowledge acquisition and dissemination.

As a premier B-school, we at IMS Ghaziabad center our primary focus on creating the core competencies of the students by providing them the multidimensional avenues of skill enhancement. A highly competitive and corporate relevant curriculum is offered to the students for creating a niche in the corporate sector. For their skill enhancement, we have incorporated various value-added certification programs and corporate interactions via expert talk series to let them understand, analyze, prepare their action plan and implement the same after checking its viability, during their corporate journey.

As management institutions, our motto should not only be restricted to create corporate-ready professionals but also to cultivate value systems amongst our students so that they become responsible citizens of the country and contribute towards nation building.

Prof. Urvashi Makkar
IMS Ghaziabad


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