Does the nexus between corruption,bribery,and criminalised administration under Political Mafia and Patronage make our country ungovernable? Dr. Suresh Behari Lall


Ever since British left a divided Indian subcontinent in 1947,our country gradually exploded with population,corruption,bribery and criminalised administration.Political mafia provided patronage and divided people on the basis of caste,religion ,and region.Economic stratification exhibited linear growth and continues to do so.We acquired insensitivity,lost sense of tolerance,sacrificed feeling of cooperation,coordination,and team work.Vote bank politics became intense.Our youth received education on the basis of their economic strength,region,and layer of strata to which the society and the nation has forced them to live.

Everyone agrees that Education is the only source of empowerment .Within its ambit are Science and Technology,policy planning,implementation of programs and administration.There is a horizontal relationship between these aspects which is made vertical and zig Zag.

Several commissions ,and committees have been made at the central and state level to reform education,establish time based and focused priorities.The recommendations have been debated and discussed,but flaws at implementation stage have made them workable.

Our elitist system compelled education system to run in numerous parallel directions.At the top we have private systems of education where children from the upper crust of the society gain admission through good infrastructure facilities,trained faculty and a syllabus that trains them to compete for admission in Foreign universities,then there are systems that train people for biomedical sciences, engineering colleges,IITs etc.At a still lower level,we have youth aiming for civil ,forest and foreign services at the state and central level.Then we have streams that train people to have a mind set for banking services ,CA,Income tax.At the bottom layers ,which are also numerous,there are children trained to become cook,chefs,peons,clerks,hotel and Street dhaba people,drivers etc.The degree of failures in education pushes people to lower streams of life.

Jobs can be had by paying bribe,and this is true for every function of life.Files can be okayed if you pay,tenders can be got,bills True or Fake can be passed by giving bribe.

We have become a nation of ungovernable.Honesty,transparency,truth,professionalism,accountability,responsibility and performance audit are a part of vocabulary to be used only in speeches ,sermons and talks.The speaker knows that what he is stating is unachievable.Educational systems are headed by people on the basis of caste,religion and region with massive input of cash and other forms of Corruption.

Women,whose number is almost same as men continue to suffer enormously,at home,in Educational Institutions,work place,in city transport and on road.Our educational system has failed to induct in youth the feelings of respect,dignity and well being of girl child and women of all ages.Under political patronage,police and local officials Spa and Massage centers have sprung up in all cities where a flourish in trade of Call Girls and Prostitution is thriving.People caught red handed in such rackets after few days of remand are let off on bail.They come out and resume the trade.What are law and police enforcement agencies doing? Nirbhaya and Bhanwari type cases occur every hour. Women are exploited by Bollywood,trade and commerce,Fashion shows,Film shows and in almost all walks of life.

Women retaliation to protest against conservative practices of the past has taken the form of “Live in ” relationship,multiple spouses,and campaign of “Me Too”. The struggle between patriarchal and matriarchal? system continues leading to bizarre manifestation.Marital discords,violence and divorces are showing upswings.Women want to be liberated on all fronts.There is some degree of vengeful design that leads to more upheaval in society.

Social reformist face a huge task and so do psychologists,psychiatrists and Counselors.Realisation is dawning that every school,college and university system must provide counseling services to help such persons.

In a country that has touched the over 1.3 billion mark,we are sinking into a state where we are becoming ungovernable.A very large section of people the some catastrophe alone can attenuate the present state of sufferings.Covid has come and taken millions of life globally.This is nature,s retaliation or is it a designed strategy of a country to wipe out large section of people in certain parts of the world to establish global supremacy.

What are the possible solutions to save India from multiple failures.Our ecosystem,biodiversity,water resources,clean air,green hills and enhanced forest cover needs to receive top priority at state and National level.
Our Education system needs to pay greater attention to school system which are feeder channels.Our universities,IITs,Medical Colleges. Must become centers of excellence in cyber security,stem cell research,nanobiotechnology,and environmental science.Skill acquisition must be given top priority.We need individuals as center of excellence,who are productive and train others.

Corruption can be attenuated by strengthening ACB wing which needs to be given more powers.Every state must have an Ombudsman,a tribunal that would act like fast track court.The fear of life must be induced in every citizen.The cities will become smart cities ,if we act in a disciplined manner.

Population control programs MUST receive top priority.No family should plan to have more than one child.Those with more than two children must be denied any concession and / or priority.

The nation is strong,and needs to grow more strong to become a superpower.
We have all the basic talents to outsmart every nation.This can be achieved by cooperation,coordination,harmony,sensitivity to change, professionalism and by blocking the I’ll designs of politicians and their caste Mafia and Goon brigade.


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