The beautiful Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh, famed the world over for its amazing and breathtakingly picturesque natural environment which attracts millions of tourists from all over the globe, has a new goal – It wants to become the national hub and destination of first choice for quality higher education.

The State believes that it has everything – from infrastructure to cool serene environment to great location, great transport connectivity, high political commitment and most importantly a very peaceful and safe state with friendly local population – to fructify its goal into reality in double quick time.

The State has already taken the lead in reforming and upgrading its education sector and making it convenient to set up private institutions but without compromising on quality which led to the establishment of at least 16 private universities till date. The state also boasts of several good state or public universities, medical and engineering colleges, hotel and general management institutes and more. A new edifice will certainly be easier to build on proven and credible past legacies.

The task to make Himachal Pradesh the continental hub for quality higher education will primarily be undertaken by the Himachal Pradesh Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Commission (HP-PERC). The body was established by the Government of Himachal Pradesh under section-3 of the Himachal Pradesh Educational institutions (Regulatory Commission) Act, 2010. It was created to provide a regulatory mechanism in the state for working as an interface between the State Government and Central Regulatory Bodies for ensuring appropriate standards of admissions, teaching, examination, research and protection of the interest of students and enhancement of quality education in the private educational institutions.

“We will do everything to ensure that Himachal Pradesh soon emerges as the destination of first choice for students of Himachal and other states as our outstanding higher education institutions become a driver of state and country’s overall economic and social development,” said Major General (Retd) Atul Kaushik, Chairman, HP-PERC.

General Kaushik further informed that the Commission has already taken numerous steps to harmonize and uplift the standard of education in the state by regularly checking authenticity of admission, teaching, examination,research,infrastructure and qualification of teachers in accordance with the guidelines issued by the various Regulatory Bodies of the Central Government or the State Government.

HP-PERC takes every possible step to ensure the quality of education being offered to the students in the state. Numerous patents and other research contributions are being made by the scholars every year. Therefore, the private universities are spreading quality- based education in which Himachal is illuminating the world of knowledge with its untiring support and fulfilling the purpose of HP-PERC with great dedication.


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