In today’s era where the competition is high, human resources are very important for any business. Two important things that run and make the business successful are human capital and investment. It Is about putting the right number of individuals at the right place at the right time to achieve the organizational goal. But lately hiring process is getting too drawn-out there could be many reasons behind this, one is many organizations have a very lengthy recruitment process, wrong recruitment timing, poor interview, too many people involved in the process, lack of qualified people in the local pool of talent, nepotistic and favoritism from political interference, a change in business model, costs associated with recruitment references, culture, invalid standards, prejudices, premature decisions, skills and abilities that are not directly observed, unfamiliarity with the job, selection costs, personal biases or the organization or wait till the requirement comes to the bottleneck depends on the organization to organization, many times it takes over six to seven months to get back to the candidate.

Certain organizations postpone recruitment while they assess the cost of recruiting, inducting, and training new employees. Some organizations prefer to use contract workers or independent contractors in order to avoid the responsibilities of payroll taxes, employee benefits, and full-time employees. Some organizations prefer to hire juniors where the demand of the position is for seniors to avoid the high pay. All of this eventually results in a delay in the hiring process (Mayhew, 2009).

Organizations should hire proper Human Resource people and give them the freedom that can deal with issues like in the recruitment process, favoritism, external recruitment, driven by ideals, lacks transparency in the recruitment process.

Many times, the leaders want to get involved in each and every level of the interview which is not so good practice, it not only delays the hiring process but it gives a negative impact on the middle management, when you have heads of the department it should be their choice to select the team with the help of HR, when they select their candidate, they take the ownership to run the show in their departments and they know how to get the work done from them.

When leaders get involved in this miscellaneous work like hiring and conflict, they lose their potential time which is needed for the growth of the organization. They should be involved only in the hiring of seniors. Rest should be left to the HR and respective heads. Leaders should only be concerned with the output. This helps the organization succeed and give belongingness to the employees.

Delayed in the recruitment process is a serious problem. It may lead to a negative impact on the organization’s reputation and will also lead to the loss of efficiency, revenue, and quality. Not only does it spoil the image in front of the candidate applying, but it also overloads the existing employees’ work, leading to unhappiness among them.

Companies need a skilled and highly talented team of professionals to grow their business hence they should act fast in finding the talent or else they will lose in the competition and lose the good talent too. A slow hiring process results in delays to the recruitment process which can bring serious negativity towards the organization.

On the other side extreme turnover in the organization leads to an increase in the cost of hiring and training, the effectiveness and performance of the organization also suffer in addition to this there is a spread of unconstructiveness and displeasure among the existing employee. Selecting the right candidate saves time & money.

How does a delay in the hiring process affects your business & your existing employees?

High chances of losing most of the candidates who are in high demand.
When currently employed top performers decide to enter the job market, they are likely to be quickly swamped with recruiting requests and offers. Dragging the hiring process means giving a chance to your competitor to hire the best talent.

Delay in hiring leads to compromise in the quality, this is the bitter truth.
Most of the time organization assumes that a slow hiring process will give them enough time to search for good talent, hence they just keep expanding their search, but the fact is you lose the good talent and end up with the pool of the average/weak candidate. If the organization can keep an eye on how quickly the pool of top talent drop, they would probably be able to realize the losses they are making due to the lengthy hiring process.

A significant loss in revenue and productivity
Due to the lengthy hiring process, the position remains open for a longer time, and in this process, many critical jobs/functions suffer. You lose the revenue, instead, it increases the cost of hiring.

You will end up paying a high salary
When the top employee enters the market after a long service in their current company there are possibilities, they will accept your salary which you will offer if you approach and select them first. This will reduce the chance of your competitor to bid, this is only possible if you have a short hiring process. Else the candidate’s salary demand will rise once they will realize their true market value when they will receive offers and the company will bid on them.

The goal of HR is to provide their organization with a competitive advantage which will allow winning a good number of talents that can combat your top competitor, and the delay in hiring will make the candidate choose the competitor that hires them first. When you lose top-performing talent directly to a quick-acting competitor, they will rise in their productivity and innovation, trust your HR your heads for their selection. As a leader, you should be only looking for output and efficiency. Good and speedy hiring gives a good brand image however drawn-out hiring process will also negatively affect your candidate’s experience and you will face in finding good talents.

Hiring managers and recruiters lose enthusiasm when positions go unfilled for long periods of time.
When the process becomes too lengthy not only does the candidate gets exhausted the HR team also gets exhausted where is great hiring make great involvement and excitement of hiring manager. Due to the slow hiring process even after putting up all the effort, they do not get the result as they keep losing good candidates, also they have to keep answering the calls of the candidate for which sometimes they do not have any answer, in this process most of the time blame comes to them until the position is closed in this the hiring team also gets demotivated.

Increases in the “hidden” expenses of hiring due to lengthy hiring procedures:
If hiring processes are unnecessarily long, it will be more costly for a variety of additional reasons. However, these are hidden costs like unnecessary elements in an extended hiring process that can directly increase hidden costs by requiring recruiters and hiring managers to spend unnecessary and unproductive time on repetitive jobs. Keeping a position vacant for a long time leads to an increase in employee turnover as the existing employee get exhausted with over workload and the quality of the work also suffer. When there is too much turnover or refusal of candidates to join then it is alarming for the leaders that there is something wrong in the culture of the organization which needs to be fixed soon.

Make interviewing more efficient by automating the scheduling process:
Interview scheduling delays significantly impact your time to hire. With the majority of firms doing at least three rounds of interviews, the time required to organize interviews frequently leaves a lot to be desired. Utilizing an automated interview scheduling tool will save you time and avoid delays in the process, alleviating applicant frustration and providing a positive experience.

A slowdown in sourcing can be detected if the ratio of good to poor applications to which you are accustomed to receiving is known. Filtering out the poor-quality applications will take a significant amount of your time and effort, with no return.

Once you’ve located the right person, don’t wait to make the offer. In fact, the most common reason candidates reject employment offers is because they have already accepted an offer from someone else. A situation like this should never occur with your top choice.

What is crucial is the candidates come with the sense of why the organization exists, what is the reputation of that organization, how they treat their employees, the employees need to hear the stories from the existing and ex-employees which is genuine and compelling, your employees are you, brand ambassadors, they are the point of contact for the outsiders. Their opinion matters a lot in the market. Having a good reputation in the market helps in attracting good talent, caring for your employees, giving them soft onboarding, the opportunity for career growth because when they grow, with their growth organization grows. Both for the employees and employer organization is like a second house so care for your employees, respect them and in return, you will get belongingness, growth, and retention. When you respect your employee, they give their best because not everyone works for money.

“Nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.” -Lawrence Bossidy, Former COO GE.

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