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Try this yourself
“How many cubes are present in a Rubik’s cube?” Try this. Ask Google – the world’s most popular search engine. OR as ChatGPT – the best pre-trained AI chatbot around. Here are the results:

They both seem to agree on 26 miniature or small cubes, but the chatbot’s logic falters later.

Surprised? Well, be ready for more then.

By definition, a cube is a solid shape with six equal square sides. Now apply analytical and critical thinking skills using this definition by dismantling a Rubik’s cube.

You will realize that, in a working Rubik’s cube mechanism, there are no cubes to match this definition! What’s your answer?

Irrespective, the point is this. The evolution of Human cognition and Know-How has far more granularity and sense. Much more than the combined revolution of Google and ChatGPT.

We must value these two FREE gifts. Use their prowess to sharpen and hone our core skills.

Plan this yourself
Well. What has all this got to do with happiness and vacation?

It’s February! The grueling exam season has set into the world of academia. Educators are busy making question papers. Administrators are busy working overtime to ensure the smooth conduct of exams. Students are busy preparing to face exams.

When exams are over, educators and administrators will continue to be busy. For students, it would be that “freedom at last” feeling in the vacation-filled holidays! It’s the only time when full-on plans coexist with no plans at all.

There’s a lot of sizzle and action in the first couple of vacation days or weeks. But for many, it all soon fizzles down to chit-chatting giggles. Or endless and aimless scrolling on social media show-off couches. Ouch! No hard feelings, but YOLO, and there are better ways to live it.

Do this yourself
Consider investing your freedom to make your holiday a happy skills vacation. There are many ways to Rome, but for starters, here are three for you to consider:

  1. Mind Skills
    Invest your free time to experience and sharpen some mind-blowing skills. Here are simple examples:

Write something every day! For example, it could be a little thank-you note to your parent, sibling, or friend. Appreciate them for supporting you through anxious moments and being there for you. Try it. If that seems too simple, try writing a short story, a blog article like this, an essay about an experience, or even a book!

Remember, the goal is not to be the best writer but to sharpen happy skills and be a better writer every day. Writing will force you to research. You will start reading to nourish your writing skills.

Benefits: Improved vocabulary, communication, critical thinking, innovation, and concentration skills. They are all a part of life skills that will be of value to you all your life and career professions. Writing can make you fall in love with words and inspire you to learn a new language.

You can begin with the three C’s of writing – Collect, Connect, and Communicate. Feel free to write to me for details! Writing can make you fall in love with words and inspire you to learn a new language.

Another mind-blowing way to engage your mind is through puzzles. For example, one has close to six times more ways to permute than the estimated sand grains on earth! Mind-boggling?

At first, solving the Rubik’s cube puzzle may seem easy, but intriguing too. It can take a lot of minds through plenty of wrong twists and turns before the celebration of solving it. Try it. Already know it? Try solving the 4 x 4 x 4 Master cube!

Solving such puzzles help hone analytical thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, and many other skills. You will benefit in the long run from these happy skills. These are some of the most sought skillsets globally.

2. Voice Skills
Everyone wishes their voice has ears that listen to it. Making noise can be a shortcut to achieving that, but it is always short-lived and does not sustain. To make your voice heard and count, it takes much more.

You must experience first-hand to better understand and use your gifted voice mechanisms. The way to do it is to observe, understand, and practice. Some methods improve speaking, listening, and body language. This one may seem difficult. But, you will soon realize how natural and easy it is. And the bonus is that many happy skills that get sharpened in the process. For example, coordination with others, collaboration, and negotiation skills are sought globally.

The combination of mind and voice skills can enhance your confidence and competencies. They will have benefits in many professional pursuits. Examples are public speaking, voice-over, community volunteering, internships, social service, and mindfulness practices.

3. Creative Skills
These skills get your curiosity and imagination to soar anywhere you wish to. For example, games are playgrounds that nurture creative skills when you design them!

It was a set of creative skills of human minds that came up with the popular T20 format of cricket. Animation, gaming apps, and movies have an exceptional amount of creativity. They do involve using software technology tools. But creativity is the underlying skill from concept to production. The best part is creativity is child’s play to begin, with few rules to dictate terms. Yet, as you will experience, there is a method to the magic of creativity at play. For example, the art and craft of Origami combine creativity with applied geometry!

The benefits of creative skills are many. They touch a range of professions. From photography to graphic design. From painting to playing a musical instrument. From cooking food and application codes to UI/UX! From tracking to teaching and even teaching!

The healthy mix of mind, voice, and creativity skills can make you feel on top of the world. As if you have happy skills upgraded into your personality during vacations!

Be Happily Skilled Yourself
Imagine enjoying 24 mind-blooming activities involving all the knowledge and cognitive dimensions. They will sharpen your cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domain skills. These are core skills for success in your academic and career pursuits ahead.

The world is buzzing with revolutionary AI/ML, Robotics, IoT, and Cloud technologies. What matters is that you sharpen the underlying happy skills. It’s vacation time, and the best way to enjoy it is by making it your “Happy Skills” vacation.

About Author
Sunil Tatkar is the founder of Valurevolution. He is a passionate⚙️Soft ‘Sought’ Skills Trainer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rated, ✍️ Content Writer, 😊Valued Professional, ♫ Engineer Techno Savvy ♫ Multi-Skilled Entrepreneur ♫ Art Enthusiast🎨 Military School Alumnus 🤠 Marathoner🏃. You can reach him at sunil.tatkar@valurevolution.com

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