iThrive Collaborates with Dubai-based Wellness platform, Illuminations to offer its Functional Nutrition Courses in GCC countries


Pune-based health and wellness startup, iThrive has joined hands with Illuminations, one of the leading wellness companies in the UAE and the Middle East to offer its functional nutrition courses in GCC countries.

Functional Nutrition is an alternative medicine modality that claims to use advanced medical testing and the most up-to-date medical science to uncover the root causes of hard-to-treat chronic health conditions and reverse them permanently using nutrition and lifestyle therapies. It is based on the same principles as functional medicine, but with a focus on nutrition. Top renowned functional medicine practitioners like Chris Kresser, Mark Hyman, Amy Myers, and Terry Wahls have helped hundreds of thousands of people recover from difficult chronic conditions and are sought after globally for their knowledge and expertise.

iThrive offers its courses through its education vertical called iThrive Academy. It is currently the only service offering any kind of functional nutrition training in India. The course is 4 months in duration and is covered in 12 modules, with a separate instructor for each module.

Illuminations is a wellness company based in Dubai that offers a wide variety of services that focus on holistic health and mental and spiritual wellness. Services include health and nutrition therapy, travel retreats, yoga and meditation, Reiki, etc. The company was in search of qualified health professionals who could offer training on evidence-based holistic treatment. iThrive’s functional nutrition courses were the perfect fit for their requirements.

Mugdha Pradhan, CEO and Founder, iThrive, said, “Our education vertical started as a small in-house project a couple of years back. Today it is already very well known in the alternative medicine space in India as one of the leading nutrition courses. And to see it going global in such a big way makes us extremely proud. The state of chronic disease treatment in the conventional medical system today is pathetic. Good evidence-based alternative medicine practices like functional medicine and integrative medicine are already quite popular in the West today. But the alternative medical field in most other parts of the world continues to be dominated by bad unscientific practices and is in dire need of good options. Considering that, this is a very positive development.” 

Talking about the collaboration, Soniyaa Kiran Punjabi, Founder of Illuminations, said, “Illuminations Training Academy has been proud to be at the forefront of offering holistic healing programs in the field of mental, emotional, spiritual, and behavioral sciences.  Our focus has been to address the root of chronic issues from their origin seeded in our thoughts, emotions, and stress levels. However, when these issues have permeated into the level of the physical body a more lifestyle-based approach such focusing on as diet, health and nutrition is important to consider if we wish to reverse disease from a truly holistic perspective. 

In this regard, the answer can be found in Functional Nutrition & Medicine! This course is ideal for existing therapists, healers, yoga teachers, and well-being professionals to enhance your career and offer a holistic healing journey that’s truly transformative.”

Illuminations along with iThrive are scheduled to start offering the courses in all GCC countries in February of this year. Interested participants can register for the same through Illuminations’ website- (e-mail:


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