Cracking JEE Test calls for dedication, sincerity, hard work and a high level of disciplines preparation as it is one of the most difficult examinations which opens entry gate to 31 NITs, 25 IIITs, 28 GFTIs and other universities.  In an interview former Director of IIT, Delhi Dr. V. Ramgopal Rao once said that the exam is “tricky and difficult” because it is framed to “reject candidates, not to select them” Students from all over the world sit for JEE Mains. In 2022, a total of 22 lakh students appeared for JEE Mains and 155,533 appeared for JEE Advanced. To crack JEE Main 2023 exam, one needs to be well versed in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics of class 11 and 12. National Testing Agency (NTA) elaborates the syllabus to make a ‘Study Plan’. This allows students to know the contents and coverage of the Syllabus of what to prepare before for JEE Mains.

The following points offer a road map as to how to go for preparing the JEE Entrance Exam and ensure success to make a beginning of career of one’s dreams and aspirations:

> Get Familiar with Syllabus.

> Go through the syllabus of JEE and make a study plan accordingly. Knowing the syllabus in advance will help you cover all the topics and not miss out  anything important.

> Understand the Exam Pattern: Go through the Question papers of previous years. It is essential to know the exam pattern, the types of questions asked, and the marking scheme. This information will help you prepare a strategy for attempting the exam.

> Focus on Strong Areas: Identify your strengths as well as your weaknesses and concentrate on them accordingly. It is essential to focus on your strength and also try to overcome your weaknesses. This will happen only with a clear understanding of the concepts and practice them regularly.

> Give stress on Theory. Clarity of concept comes from proper understanding of the Theories.

> Make Notes of each Chapter as this will be handy to help you revisit the notes quickly and keep in your memory for easy reference at the time of exam. Make short notes of the important formulas and concepts, and make a revision regularly.

> Keep your basics clear- Unless your basic is clear, you are familiar with the fundamentals and you have a clarity about them, you may not be able to apply them while solving a problem.

> Seek Guidance of Teachers/Superiors for any clarification- If you’re struggling with a particular concept, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from your teachers, mentors, or peers. Joining a coaching institute or online coaching classes can also be helpful.

> Ensure that the Study Materials you are using is proper least your preparation, labour, etc. go in vain.

> Practice Regularly: Regular practice is the key to success in JEE. Solve as many sample papers, previous years’ papers and mock tests as possible. It will help you improve your speed and accuracy and get familiar with the exam pattern.

> Revision: Regular revision is very important and crucial to retain what you have learnt.

> Time Management: Time management is an essential skill while attempting the JEE exam. Practice solving questions under time pressure to improve your speed and accuracy.

> Stay Motivated: It is a long and arduous journey to crack JEE, and it’s easy to lose motivation along the way. Stay motivated by setting small goals, rewarding yourself for achieving them, and focusing on your progress rather than comparing yourself with others.

Remember, cracking JEE requires 99% precipitation and 1% inspiration. Dedication, hard work, a disciplined approach with a positive attitude, staying always motivated and keep working towards your goal will ensure win-win situation.

Good luck!

Prof. (Dr.) Devendra Pathak
(Former Vice Chancellor, Uttaranchal University, Dehradun
Oriental University, Indore,Dr. KN Modi University, Jaipur,APG Shimla University, Shimla)


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