Magna Carta of Freedom: Brig. Dr. VD Abraham,SM Former Vice Chancellor, Shri Venkateshwara University, Gajraula, UP & OU Indore Adviser, RNB Global University, Bikaner, Rajastan. Governing Council Member, IETE, New Delhi, President, Indian Council of Sports and Culture,Indore,MP


The Quote: [The Ten Commandments are a special set of spiritual laws to the Jews that the LORD Himself wrote on two stone tablets that Moses brought down from Mount Sinai/ Horeb.  One version can be found in the Book of Exodus of the Bible. Another version can be found in the Book of Deuteronomy. These laws are important for Judaism and Christianity. Countries which follow those religions often have some of the commandments as part of their Civil laws].

Interpretations of Ten Commandments are beyond simple translation. It yields many versions of understanding and can be understood differently depends on ones’ spiritual level. This understanding has got a different angle, the ten commandments as ‘Magna Carta’ of freedom and are applicable beyond religion.

The first commandments: You shall be free if you don’t equate anything with God. God provides all encompassing guidance for life. If you let God be God, then you are a free person. He will handle all problems and difficulties of your life. Then priorities of your life fall in the right perceptive. Thus clarity, transparency and freedom enter our day-to-day dealings.

The Second Commandments: You will be free, if you trust the name of God, “I Am Who I Am” or “I am there for you” or “Tatva-masi”. When you experience God, He sets you free and yourself can be a kindle light for others. A flood gate for life opens, God will appear in your life differently, often surprisingly. So do not capture God in an image or picture or bust/idols, else you will bypass living God.

The Third commandments: You shall be free, if you accept the achievements and success are not ultimate in life. Don’t let yourself defined by others, neither by their praise nor criticism as unconditional mercy of God is within you. Then one feel the important element of life as love and relationship.

The fourth commandments: You shall be free, if you can be grateful for what your parents gave you, they accepted you as you are, bestowed seamless love and affection which they might not have exhibited. So, accept your parents as they are/ were and give more love than they deserve. Reconciliation with parents yield more acceptance and peace with our own life which sets you free.

The fifth commandments: You shall be free, if you accept the life of others are wonderful creation of God and should not be disturb them by thought or words or deeds. Never forget that everything lethal stems from jealous heart. Envy is a threat of spiritual life, no rituals or pilgrimage an revive/retreat. Cleanse your heart to feel the fruits of freedom.

The sixth commandments: You shall be free, if you can love people without taking advantage of them. Do not usurp them, respect is the jewel of love. Happiness prevails and one will feel content and free.

The seventh commandments: Possessions do not render you free. Detach as much as possible, you will have abundance of freedom in time and space. Be grateful for what you have and that will give satisfaction and the gratitude makes you free.

The eight commandments: A sense of truthfulness will set you free, insincerity entangles you in complicated net of fallacies. The more transparent one become, the more we radiate happiness and see more free space around.

The ninth commandments: We can long for friendship, but we can not make it. The experience of genuine love is always an undeserved gift. Thus, bondage should be respected to remain free through inner gift of sincere relationships.

The tenth commandments: You shall be free, if you are content. Urge to materialistic possession deplete your energy of life. Your possession will not take you to heavenly abode.

One learns ‘A’ for apple in pre-primary without seeing or tasting one, so one has to unlearn to remove garbage from our storage space to fill with new editions. So, think differently, everything can be remoulded to suit everyone. You may feel these ten commandments in the light of ‘Gita Upadesh’.


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