After parents, the teacher has the second-highest level of influence over students, In our society, the position of a teacher is extremely important. They serve as the focal point for imparting intellectual traditions and technical skills from one generation to another, assisting in keeping the light of civilization illuminated. While emphasizing the importance and glory of education, once Chanakya eloquently stated that a teacher is never ordinary. Destruction and creation are nurtured in their lap.

The Kothari Commission stated in reference to teachers that they are nation-builders, addressed as the architects of the nation. One name that appears in the list of these nation-builders is Dr. Aftab Anwar Shaikh. He is a living legend and testament to his thoughts, actions, and dedication towards his duty, his students, and being a leader.

Dr. Aftab Anwar Shaikh is the name of a institution,where numerous students have been given life learning, and countless students have achieved success through his guidance and expertise. We are extremely proud and honored to be one of their students. He has always encouraged us and provided such guidance that we will forever be grateful. Dr. Aftab’s message, which deeply resonates with us, is that students possess a treasure trove of talent. No student exists without this treasure, although some may need assistance in discovering and recognizing it. 

No other task can surpass the efforts of teachers in bringing it to light. Success does not always lie hidden in prestigious schools and luxury; what matters is not the expensive school a student attends, but whether they have access to education or not. It is crucial to determine the type of teachers who educate students, whether they are capable of igniting a fire within them, enabling them to break the walls of societal norms, hierarchies, wealth, poverty, opportunities, disappointments, and despair, and paving their own path to success.

Friends, our parents give us life, but teachers have the ability to put food on our plates. However, it is education that teaches us how to bring that food to our mouths. It is not just about eating fish but also about learning how to catch fish. The appreciation we express for him falls short of what he truly deserves. Dr. Aftab has always risen above himself and helped others according to his capabilities. 

Although every great teacher has their own special, unique style, Dr. Shaikh has inspired his students and employees, his peers throughout his life. Friends, Dr. Anwar is a shining star in the galaxy of our society. His brilliance and light have always motivated and propelled us towards progress and advancement. We filled with immense joy and enthusiasm as Dr. Aftab Anwar celebrates his birthday on 29th May, 2023, marking the Diamond Jubiliee.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you Dr. Aftab Anwar Sir for teaching everyone to learn even outside of the classroom and for inspiring everyone to think creatively. Besides being an excellent, creative, and hardworking teacher, he is very good at managing events. We offer countless salutations to such a great teacher from whom we have continuously learned and will continue to learn.


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