How Indian Business School Can Evaluate Globally? Dr. Samrat Ray, Dean, International Institute of Management Studies, Pune


Times are fast changing with global technological disruptions and the way Indians live and breathe! We have come a long way from our colonial past with decades of ignorance and struggle to rise above common parleys. Global management education has seen ups and downs of strategic involvement into infused western flora and fauna. Now is the time to understand what we need and how to align to excellence in management education.

There should be graceful parameters to the way a business school places itself in global context. Gone are the formative years of Nehruvian economy when Mahalnobis was fast gaining prominence in establishing and directing the future of educational governance in India. The result where enormously successful with the foundations of ISI, IIT like institutes and India’s foray into statistical analysis. Indian governance didn’t look back after that and succeeded in bringing education reforms decade after decade where stalwarts are spread globally in responsible positions. It takes quite a long time to gain prominence in global academician. India’s roots were strong but was highly corrupted by British colonialism and we were directed till now by the way our rulers had ruled us not honestly but with crooked ethics resulting in policy failure during Bengal famines. The subaltern touch of colonialism reflected heavily in India’s educational parley and till now haunts the pillars of academician.

The recent NEP was a highly sought after dialect wherein the educational reform with a Amritkaal flavor and “Make in India” made education a global affair. The influence and brainwashing with foreign resources and involvement of Indian elites into western success story needed to be reversed and the present Government has successfully lead from the front with putting a capable Foreign minister at helm who has rightfully charted India’s foray into international partnerships and that has brought in ripple effect in educational parley by removing bureaucratic barriers to liberal education. The sense and balance of liberalism in education needed by business schools in India is better judged when a third party not morally influenced caters to its improvement and agility and can create a global governance platform where business schools can contribute sustainably and resilience affected with a mission to impact human lives. Our India way is highly engrossed in western dominated parleys where small quotes from Sanskrit also is highly balanced and practiced in Western countries through novel business terms. Indian business schools should rise above colonial flavors and be independent and align to triple helix models of innovation partnering with Government agencies through new projects, policy and strategy to take India ahead towards Trillion dollar economy!

We don’t need a Sun Tzu or Prince to strategize! We need a more India centric strategy where the global powers can align to India way formally and more confidently towards saving a highly detrimental future of humanity through disruptive technology. The value of Indian ethics and culture should be highly imbibed in business school syllabus with a thorough balance of learnings from Indian history and analysis of its Rise and Decline!

About the Author:
Dr Samrat Ray is working as Dean in International Institute of Management Studies,Pune and has completed his PHD from a Global top 100 university in Russia,Peter the Great Saint Petersburg POlytechnic University.He has been spearheading global governance in Sai Balaji Education Society,Pune and has been instrumental in advising global corporations on international strategy.He is a prolific writer and policy advisor to global leaders.


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