Check this out if your organization is the one? Dr. Nikhat M Hamza,Director,HR, Datta Meghe Institute of Higher Education and Research (DU)


Today even after so many years of independence it sad to know that our education system has not grown up completely, many colleges were opened and closed, few are struggling for survival and rest are struggling with the culture. But none of them were able to tackle the challenges completely.  Besides the challenges of improvement in research and quality of education, the biggest challenge is to handle the manpower and develop a good and competitive work environment. No doubt universities and college are putting the best effort in every area for the improvement, however, to make this happen and achieve the goal you need a selection of intellectual and diverse people and a good working culture.

Establishing the HR policies will make the system strong to make it healthy, you need a person to implement it. Research shows that if the quality of implementation is high, the chance of success program is high.

If you are facing a problem of non-performance, unhealthy competition, if your employees are ignoring the hierarchy, people are less focused on the work, they are more engaged in the activities which is not beneficial to the organization, then it is alarming situation for the organization, you need to work on culture more, rather than the policies. Work culture gets spoiled mainly because of imbalance of work life balance, long work hours and inflated workloads. These creates burn out among the employees, and they become cynical towards their work and mostly likely they will feel detached from their workplace which may also lead to high turnover.

In today’s scenario where competition has increased and organization is facing challenges in handling the manpower, it is appreciating most of the organization are accepting the fact and they are also showing concern for the improvement of the work culture.

when you get suggestion from your employees that there is no need of HR in the organization, we “will take care”.  It is natural that management for a while will feel that their employees are concern about the organization, and they are willing to take additional role. But this is the time when Management should immediately react and hire HR. Everyone is master in their work, teacher cannot do the job of HR and HR cannot do the job of Teachers, areas and expertise are different, hence you need different people.

There are instances where the management hires the people without checking their expertise, just to support the reference, hiring an employee without the expertise or openings is like inviting the problem to create bad work culture, when the organization hire employees randomly and give them any work, because of their inability and incapability of doing the work and to escape form the failure they will start playing politics for their survival.

People opt job as per their liking and if someone like to be in technical field they will justify that, same as HR, they have different mindset of working they care about people they connect with them and understand them, that’s what is needed for the changes. You can change/make them understand the need of organization only if you understand your employees. Hire the people with their expertise, give them freedom to work and they will create wonders.

Why do we need human resource expertise? Human resource is the link between the management and the employees, most of the time people think hiring & firing is the job of HR, many organizations totally ignore the role of HR in the organization, some has a feeling that anyone in the organization can take up this role.

HR is the most important function of the organization; it functions like the heart of the organization. It is the driving force behind what makes a winning team. We make the argument, the team that fields the best players win, and HR is involved in making sure that we field the best players, that’s the job of HR. they develop today’s and tomorrow’s leader.

Working on cultural is like changing the Human Nature of the people, the work culture gets spoiled due to some wrong decision taken in past it could be wrong promotion/ wrong hiring/different pay structure and many more. It takes time and involvement of the management.


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