What makes Excellent Teamwork? Dr. Nikhat M Hamza,Director,HR, Datta Meghe Institute of Higher Education and Research (DU)


Effective teamwork means owning your responsibility, staying accountable, and doing what you say. Excellent teamwork is a critical component of any successful organization. It is the mixture of collaboration and coordination among the team members to achieve common goals and meet the organization’s objectives. When the team has a clear understanding of their shared goal and objectives everyone’s effort is aligned towards a common goal.

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, where strong leadership is more important than any other thing, we always miss giving the personal touch to our team members, everyone in today’s era of competition is busy showing their performance, it may be at the cost of hurting someone. It is said that when you have to correct your team members call them personally and do that, and when it comes to appreciation you shall appreciate in front of everyone, with the passing days, this has been missed out in many organizations, people believe that if they insult anyone in the group they are doing a great job many times, unfortunately, they sometime even get appreciated for doing this, but the fact is your employees lose the trust in you, and this demotivation make them start thinking about the changing job, in the process the employer losses the good people, productivity and ultimately the hike in hiring cost, then training the new employee. But this doesn’t end here the other people around also start thinking on same line.

The focus of the employer is always on productivity and profit, and it should be because they have invested huge money in the business, but missing out these problems which look very small to everyone is the main reason for their loss in productivity & Profit. Company success cannot be just counted on the profit, the real success is when your employees are happy and they have belongingness, then only the employer gets real success & stability because your reputation in the market is based on the mouth of word of your employees, which should be the topmost priority for any organization.

Office Politics in the organization is one of the main reasons for this, but it is not so difficult to break this in fact it is the simplest thing to do just stop listening to the gossip and focus on the productivity of the person (remember company hires employees for the brain they are not paid for their person traits). I still remember one incidence of the company where I was working which is now more than 2000cr turnover company, my boss who was the owner of the company, his daily morning routine was to check all the important reports, and based on the reports he use to plan for the day, my reporting was going on in between I saw the marketing head entered for his report since he was in busy with some other work as well my boss told me to wait, he gave the reports everything was discussed planned, then he started gossip the moment he finished is first line my boss told him “Sir you have finished reporting, we have planned for the day let’s not discuss anything other than work” it is that simple to stop the office politics.

Remember not all employees work for money, most of the time people leave their jobs because of a bad manager, or a bad working environment, good managers play a very important role in any organization and make the team successful.

The team’s effectiveness is based on many factors.

  1. You shall have open and effective communication with the team it is very crucial, that member shall be able to express their opinions, share information with them, and allow them to share their ideas. Bosses shall make sure everyone is involved in the team so that they not only discuss professionally but they shall be open to discussing personally. This helps in creating a better understanding of your team members.
  2. Everyone is an expert in their work, hence there should be mutual respect within the team members, which encourages a positive and supportive team environment.
  3. To keep your team healthy, it is better to give them role clarity, this also helps in reducing repetitive work, conflicts, and dissatisfaction among the team members.
  4. A good team means members have understanding and clarity, are ready to collaborate, share information, and most importantly work together, they shall also be able to take the critique positively to reduce errors in the future.
  5. Each team member should be accountable for their contributions and commitments. They should take ownership of their work and fulfill their responsibilities to the best of their abilities.
  6. Diversity in terms of skills, backgrounds, and perspectives can be a strength for a team. Embracing diversity and promoting inclusivity can lead to more creative and innovative solutions.
  7. Conflicts are inevitable in any team, but how they are managed can make a significant difference. A strong team can constructively address conflicts, seeking resolutions that benefit the team.
  8. Good team members will always support each other, they will correct themselves and others if any one of them goes wrong and take care of time management.

Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people”. Steve Jobs


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